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Zeroing in on perpetrators, verifying threats, and contacting law enforcement to stop criminals in the act.


Over 1 Billion is Lost Per Year to Construction Theft.

Don’t fall victim to thieves and vandals. Jobsite Surveillance combines our Intelligent Motion Alerts with human verification to provide you with complete, trusted jobsite protection.

How Jobsite Surveillance Adds Another Set of Eyes to Your Jobsite:


With Intelligent Motions Alerts, you select the areas of your jobsite and the hours you want eyes on your jobsite – giving you complete control.


Should activity be detected, a trained monitoring agent will review video of the activity to verify the threat.


If the threat is verified, you will be alerted and given the opportunity to dismiss the alert or request emergency services. If no response is received, emergency services will be dispatched.

Reduce False Alarms

False alerts are bothersome and can lead to notification fatigue. All Jobsite Surveillance alerts are sent in with a video clip to our central station and our dispatch operators will alert you only when the alarm is real, but won’t bother you otherwise.

If an unwanted intrusion or disruption is verified, the dispatcher will quickly call the proper emergency services to report the problem, providing the details that will help authorities quickly address the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, Jobsite Surveillance is only available on our 4K Infrared Cameras.

Jobsite Surveillance is an optional service that can be added to your Intelligent Security Solution. There is a small monthly service fee that will be added to your subscription upon purchase.

All of our trained monitoring professionals are Five Diamond Certified. This means we’ve got some of the highest performers in the industry! Out of more than 3,700 monitoring centers in North America, only 200 of them meet the certification standards of a Five Diamond program. In other words, only five percent of monitoring centers are able to meet these qualifications.

You can fill out the form below and we will have one of our team members reach out your with a price quote and additional information on how to complete your Jobsite Surveillance set up. It only takes a few steps to configure and activate within the TrueLook application.

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