Get a Custom
Camera Plan Now!

Get a Custom Camera Plan Now!

Get customized security camera recommendations tailored to your construction site.

Say goodbye to the guesswork of camera placement and types, and let us provide you with expert recommendations based on your site plan.

1. Submit Your Plan

Upload your site plan to our platform, providing us with a clear layout of your construction site.

2. Analysis and Recommendation

Our team will analyze your site plan and determine the optimal placement for cameras based on factors such as site layout, potential blind spots, and high-risk areas. We’ll also recommend the types of cameras best suited for your specific site needs.

3. Receive Your Customized Report

You’ll receive a customized report outlining our recommendations for camera placement and types.

Get started today and ensure the security of your construction site.

Simply upload your site plan and leave the rest to us!

Stay Informed

Monitor your jobsites remotely, anytime, from anywhere.


Enhance Security

Deter theft, vandalism, and trespassing.


Simplify Documentation

Easily track and document progress in an easy-to-use platform.