Procore + Live Camera

Add live cameras, time-lapses, and more to your Procore projects

Live Camera View

When you log in to Procore, a live image from your jobsite will appear in the sidebar. You and your team will always have an up-to-date visual of the project’s progress.

Immediately see:

  • Weather conditions
  • Who’s on site
  • Real-time jobsite activities

Time-Lapse Photos In Procore

TrueLook can send all of your time-lapse photos to Procore. This means you will always have a full visual history of your project available in your Procore project for review. For every time-lapse you create in TrueLook, a corresponding photos folder will be automatically updated in your Procore project. This feature can be toggled on or off.

User Integrations

You can now reach your Procore contacts from within TrueLook. TrueLook’s email sharing feature can now pull from any TrueLook or Procore contact, letting you quickly and easily send important photos and notes to your colleagues.

Share Photos To Procore

Within TrueLook, you will have a new “Share to Procore” option on any photo. This lets you send any live or historical photo to a shared photo folder in your Procore project. You can add notes for reference and/or use TrueLook’s markup tools to highlight areas of interest in your photo.