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Case Study

How Brixmor Slashed Travel Costs

Brixmor Property Group leveraged TrueLook Construction Cameras to enhance project management efficiency and reduce travel costs. With nearly 400 retail centers across the United States, overseeing multiple redevelopment projects posed significant challenges for Brixmor. 

TrueLook’s PTZ cameras offered comprehensive visibility, effectively supporting crew productivity, adherence to safety protocols, and timely project progress. The inclusion of advanced features such as time-lapses and security recordings provided additional value by facilitating seamless communication, enabling visual documentation, and identifying potential security risks.

Brixmor plans to integrate TrueLook with Procore to enhance its operational efficiency. TrueLook Construction Cameras provide an effective solution for optimizing project management on jobsites.

Project Goals

  1. Gain visibility across multiple job sites while reducing the need to travel.
  2. Keep workers productive, and ensure compliance with safety protocols.
  3. Create a visual record of projects to improve negotiations, avoid disputes.
  4. Hold contractors and subcontractors accountable for project delays or budgetary changes.

Project Results

  1. Reduced travel, while improving jobsite visibility and surveillance.
  2. Improved worker safety and productivity and simplified troubleshooting.
  3. Improved collaboration and operations across Brixmor with shared access to cameras.
  4. Created visual documentation to justify budget and schedule changes, and hold contractors accountable.