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Case Study

How Elevatus Increased Community Engagement

Elevatus Architecture partners with TrueLook construction cameras to capture the historic transformation of the former GE campus at Electric Works. The project promotes transparency, fosters collaboration among stakeholders, and showcases captivating time-lapses, providing the community with a front-row seat to witness the revival of this beloved landmark.

“TrueLook gives the Fort Wayne community a front-row seat so they can watch the renovation and transformation of their city’s landmark GE campus unfold. They’re enabling us to stay true to our promise to the community that we’ll provide total transparency and document the entire project from start to finish.” — CORY DIETZ Partner, Business Development Director, Elevatus

Project Goals:

  • Document the adaptive reuse project from start to finish with detailed visual imagery.
  • Foster community support and involvement by providing total transparency.
  • Facilitate efficient collaboration amongst owners, partners, and stakeholders.
  • Streamline decision-making and enable real-time troubleshooting as issues arise.

The Results:

  • Documented history in the making with captivating time-lapses and high-quality digital imagery.
  • Provided a window into the project for community members to watch the transformation of a beloved landmark.
  • Improved collaboration with remote live viewing, eliminating travel and accelerating decision-making.
  • Improved jobsite visibility to mitigate risk and keep the project on schedule and on-budget.