Improving Accountability and Security on the Jobsite

Tips & Advice for General Contractors

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From managing subcontractors and inaccurate project documentation to navigating unresolved disputes and communicating with stakeholders, the job of a general contractor brings many unique challenges.

We understand those difficulties and invite you to join us for a webinar that will transform the way you manage construction projects immediately.

We’ll cover how to: 

  • Save time and money by minimizing delays and reducing rework.
  • Utilize remote live viewing for up-to-the-minute updates on site conditions and progress.
  • Document a jobsite for increased accountability and easier dispute resolution.    
  • Safeguard and protect your equipment and materials after hours. 
  • Simplify communication with project stakeholders, including team members, subcontractors, and clients.


Ethan Coates

TrueLook Account Executive

Collin Winn

TrueLook Business Development Representative

What General Contractors are Saying

“This is a great product … very easy to set up and use. Has also helped with security issues as well.”

Edward Sasser
Project Manager at Sheridan Construction

“We have a sprawling site with 6 buildings and this camera can see from end to end clearly. The daily time-lapse gives a great insight into how much work is accomplished over time”

Mark Follett
Project Manager at Western Builders