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Case Study

How MAPP utilized TrueLook’s PTZ Camera 

With its corporate office in Baton Rouge – MAPP provides preconstruction and construction services for commercial construction projects including retail, office, industrial, warehouse and distribution, hospitality, healthcare, banking, and interiors.

MAPP utilized TrueLook’s PTZ Camera with 360° pan and optical zoom for remote monitoring, facilitating comprehensive progress tracking. Learn how it made their jobsite monitoring more efficient.

Project Goals:

  • Have clear visibility of the jobsite, both up-close and from a distance.
  • Establish a 24/7 monitoring system on the job site for continuous surveillance.
  • Allow external stakeholders access the live camera.

The Results:

  • Captivating time-lapses and high-quality digital imagery.
  • Saved time and money, and increased safety.
  • Enhanced project visibility, promoted collaboration, communication, and stakeholder engagement.