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Case Study

How TRA Facilitated Collaboration Among Stakeholders

Thomas Roszak Architecture (TRA) utilized TrueLook Cameras to remotely monitor a residential building project in downtown Chicago. The cameras exceeded their expectations, serving as a valuable tool for real-time information sharing, team collaboration, project time-lapsing, and after-hours security. TRA’s construction manager highlighted the competitive advantage gained from having real-time information accessible to the entire team. 

TrueLook’s adaptability to client needs and added features, such as custom time-lapses and motion-based security video recording, further enhanced the project’s success. The firm also utilized time-lapse videos and camera images for marketing purposes, showcasing the project to the public.

Project Goals:

  • Real-time access to visual information about the progress, challenges, and developments happening on-site.
  • Facilitate real-time information sharing and enhance communication among project stakeholders. This allows everyone involved to stay updated on the project’s status, activities, and any significant events taking place on-site.
  • Visual documentation on the jobsite to help identify potential security breaches and aid in the investigation of any incidents.
  • Create time-lapse videos that showcase the construction progress over time. These videos can be utilized for marketing purposes, client presentations, and internal project reviews.
  • Add an additional layer of security and deter potential security threats.

The Results:

  • Achieved a competitive advantage in monitoring the jobsite and staying updated on its conditions and activities.
  • Facilitated collaboration among different stakeholders, including the Construction Manager, Contractor, Foreman, and marketing team. 
  • Minimized after-hours security issues by capturing video footage of any detected motion through TrueLook’s Intelligent Security.