Tips & Tricks: Procore User? Take Advantage of the Embedded Experience Interface

TrueLook has integrated with Procore for years, but in July 2020, we made our application available through Procore’s Embedded Experience. The Embedded Experience provides a deeper level of integration, enabling you to access the entire TrueLook application without leaving Procore for a more streamlined project management experience. 

Here’s how you do it: Once you’ve authenticated your Truelook instance with Procore, download the TrueLook app for the App Marketplace within Procore. Simply navigate to the Apps dropdown menu at the top of your Procore header and select App Marketplace. Then search for TrueLook.

Procore integration feature highlights for TrueLook

Once you locate the TrueLook applications, click on the “Install App” button. The listing will appear in your App Management screen within Procore. (Note that you have to be a Procore administrator for your firm to be able to install the app.)

Procore App Management

After you’ve embedded the app, you can click on “View” to access the Configurations tab, to specify what project data from TrueLook you want to access through Procore. If you have multiple projects you will need to create a separate configuration for each project. When you’re finished with configuration, the TrueLook cameras at your projects will appear when you run the application in the associated Procore project. For a step-by-step walkthrough of how to configure your Embedded Experience, visit our support page.