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Community Hospital, Grand Junction, CO

community hospital under construction


Community Hospital, located in Grand Junction, is part of the Colorado West Healthcare System. The previous hospital building at this location had served the public since 1965 and had grown outdated. Wanting to provide patients with the best possible care, to expand service offerings, and to accommodate more patients, a new hospital building was planned and funded. The $50 million project would allow a new 140,000 square foot facility to provide a full range of medical services to the community.

TrueLook Case Study

Involving the Public

Hospital management wished to engage the public during the project, allowing them to view the progress of the new facility’s construction. A TrueLook camera had previously been used by the healthcare system to internally manage the construction of the Canyon View Medical Plaza. Being aware of TrueLook’s work on this project, Community Hospital decided to reach out to TrueLook to provide a live camera view of the newest project. A new 5MP camera system was purchased and set up over the jobsite.

The new hospital facility broke ground in October of 2014. The live TrueLook camera was embedded onto the Community Hospital website so that the public could easily see the progress of the project. The camera was also publicized across various marketing channels, including the radio, social media, and television interviews.


The new Community Hospital facility opened on March 17th, 2016. In those 18 months, the TrueLook camera had been viewed over 35,000 times by more than 19,500 users. Community awareness of the new hospital was greatly increased, and the hospital considers the TrueLook camera a PR success story.

The live camera view was the most used feature of the camera, letting web visitors watch the project progress. However, web visitors also found use in the archived photos from the camera, which allowed for reviewing historical jobsite images by date. Another popular camera feature was the time-lapse video, as users could watch the hospital construction go from start to finish in moments. 

TrueLook Case Study