HD Security Recording

TrueLook includes 24/7 security video recording to help you catch thieves, investigate workplace incidents, or simply record project milestones.


Advanced Jobsite Security

TrueLook records continuous video in HD 720p – far exceeding most other systems. Access your video recordings from any remote location, thanks to our unique cloud services. Watch or download specific video clips by date and time without searching through hours of video footage.


  • Records video at HD 720p, 10fps (20MP camera records at 1080p)
  • Estimated 7 days of 24/7 video storage
  • View video recordings remotely over the web
  • No configuration or setup required

Cloud Access

Unlike traditional security systems, you can access your HD video directly from the TrueLook web interface. Select any date, choose any specific times for review, and your video clips will be available to watch or download from your secure account.

Sample Security Video Clip

We’ve all seen standard definition security footage. Even with bright lighting in close quarters, it leaves something to be desired. Construction sites can get dark and the action can be distant. TrueLook captures all video in high definition at 720p to provide detailed video evidence you’d expect from a modern security system.

No Setup Required

Just plug in the camera and our service does all the work. TrueLook’s video recording doesn’t require any extra setup or configuration. You don’t even need to install any additional hardware.  You won’t have to visit a DVR on your jobsite just watch your videos.