Installation Resources

Our goal is to make setup quick and easy.

We’ve created a library of resources to help with everything from installing our hardware to getting started on our platform. If you have questions or run into any challenges, our support team is always available to help as well.

Installation Walk-Through Videos

4K IR Fixed Camera Installation
 Strobes and Sirens Installation
Mobile Camera Trailer Installation

Installation Guides

All PTZs

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12 & 20 MP

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Fixed 4K IR

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4K Interior 
Cellular Model

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4K Interior 
Ethernet Model

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Strobes and Sirens
1080p IR PTZ 

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Strobes and Sirens
Fixed 4K IR
Solar Skid
Solar Module & Batteries
Mobile Camera Trailer

10’ Non-Penetrating 
Roof Mount

New or discontinued models may not be on this list. Contact your TrueLook Representative for additional installation guides.

Additional Resources

Camera Placement Agreement

This document may help you get permission to mount your camera on someone else’s structure property.

View Guide

TrueLook Support Documentation

Our support site is where you can find answers to all of your camera questions.

View the Support Site

Admin User Guide

A quick introduction to setting up time-lapses, adding users, and other admin controls

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TrueLook Mobile App

We have an app for that! No really. Our mobile application can be downloaded from the Apple or Google play store and provides a quicker way to access the TrueLook platform on the go.

No one makes construction cameras as hassle-free.

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