Turnkey Setup

The easiest install in the industry

1. Mount It
2. Plug It In
3. Enjoy

Yes, it’s that simple. Remove the shipping packaging, and your camera is ready to mount. We’ve pre-assembled the entire system, and all your mounting hardware is included. Just plug the camera into a power source and your camera will come online automatically.

You should try logging in TrueLook (eg. from a smartphone) before you leave the camera, just to test the view and make any mounting adjustments.

Mounting Demonstration

A quick look at mounting both a fixed and a PTZ camera.

Mounting Hardware Options

TrueLook cameras come standard with wall and pole mounting hardware.
You may choose another type of mounting hardware, if desired. Additional charges may apply.

Pole Mount

Corner Mount

Non-Penetrating Roof Mount


No Expertise Required

Unlike some other systems out there, you don’t need an electrician or an IT expert to install and setup a TrueLook camera. There’s no wiring or hardware assembly to worry about. Your TrueLook camera is wired and configured before it is ever shipped.

There’s no software or server hosting to figure out. Once you connect power, TrueLook just works. Be wary of any camera system that cannot say the same!

Solar Power Cables

Solar-Powered Cameras

Solar-powered cameras work exactly like any other TrueLook system. They just have a couple of extra pieces of hardware to mount: a solar panel and battery enclosure.

After mounting, the components are connected using snap-together connectors. These are keyed, so they only fit together properly. There’s no confusion, and no way to connect them incorrectly.

Mounted PTZ Camera

Relocating Your Camera

When you’re done with your project, contact us to turn off your camera and stop the billing process. When you’re ready for your next project, just contact us again so we can reactivate your camera. There are no reactivation fees.

Used TrueLook Cameras

If you’ve bought a used TrueLook camera, you will need to contact us to setup an account. If your camera hardware is out-of-date, we may need to perform some upgrades. Otherwise, you’ll be ready to plug-and-play as soon as your account is set up.

Customer Install Photos