3 Construction Camera Features that Keep Investors Informed

The business side of construction is no longer “business as usual.” Investors need to be kept in the loop and updated frequently on project progress, throughout the lifecycle of a construction project. Issues and delays are of particular concern, as these can increase budgetary needs and slow schedules.

Fortunately, construction cameras help keep everyone informed about jobsite goings-on while fostering tight collaboration between project managers, upper management and project stakeholders — including investors.

Here are three camera features to consider using when communicating with investors.

1)    Live Viewing Footage

Showcasing the many (literal) moving parts of construction is nearly impossible without a holistic view of your project—especially when there are projects in multiple locations. As construction is all about minimizing inefficiencies and costs, showing investors a livestream of your progress helps them sleep better at night knowing their funding has been put to practical use.

Real-time, remote viewing into your project is not only a practical way to cater to the demands and busy schedules of high-stakes investors; it can also boost their satisfaction. Live video footage provides visual proof of exactly how your team corrected a $50,000 mistake, completed the project ahead of schedule or exceeded their expectations in other ways.

Footage and stills from construction cameras — including live video feeds — can be accessed remotely and viewed on any device, providing convenient access to jobsite action and reducing the need for frequent status updates. This puts time back on everyone’s calendars and enables project managers to spend more time on critical tasks. It also helps reduce the need for travel.

2)    Weather Data

If exposed steel beams could talk, they’d say bad weather is inevitable—but that doesn’t make it any less irritating to investors. While no one can control it, the weather can cause all sorts of complications in terms of project delays, worker safety risks, materials damage, and other issues that make for difficult conversations.

When there’s a schedule delay due to weather, showing proof of a torrential downpour or other disruptive weather event puts you and your team in the clear by showing investors that delays are justified. Backing up such footage with data can further assist with decision-making behind scheduling changes, and you’ll be speaking a language all investors know fluently — numbers.

3)    Time-Lapse Videos

Showcasing your work from conception to completion reveals just how well everyone’s goals have come to fruition. Time-lapse footage is a dramatic way of demonstrating your excellence in follow-through and all the hard work that went into completing a project. Not only can these time-lapse masterpieces be used to wow investors; you can leverage them for marketing campaigns and feature them on your website, too.

Taking time-lapse to the next level lies in just how much you’re willing to put on a show for your audience. You’ve already got your all-star cast—a team of hard-working contractors your investors have put their hard-earned trust in—and now, all you need to do is present your progress with a touch of cinematography.

As if making the movie wasn’t glamorous enough, truly engaging time-lapse videos can even be submitted for awards. What better way to wow new investors and keep current ones close?

TrueLook Construction Cameras That Help Keep Investors Informed

TrueLook construction cameras have these features and more, enabling effective communication with investors throughout a project’s lifecycle. Visit our site to watch a  demo and see some examples of various types of jobsite photos and footage.