Monitor & Document Jobsite Weather With Construction Cameras

Monitor and Document Weather Conditions on the Jobsite with Construction Cameras

Weather is one of the greatest obstacles facing outdoor construction projects — and one of the most expensive. Research shows that clients rank adverse weather as one of the top three causes of project delays in construction. And according to Construction Executive, the industry loses nearly $4 billion dollars due to weather-related issues every year in the U.S. But construction cameras can help firms monitor and document weather conditions on the jobsite.

The dynamic nature of weather can wreak havoc on the jobsite, delaying schedules, increasing budget needs, damaging equipment and materials, limiting accessibility, and impacting worker health and safety. Obstacles created by weather such as excessive rain and snow can restrict access to jobsites and cause damage to equipment and vulnerable structures under construction. Even lengthy periods of dryness can impact foundation work, stirring up dust that clogs machinery.

Weather conditions such as extreme temperatures, excessive moisture or heavy winds can jeopardize jobsite safety, putting workers at risk of injury or illness from overheating. Worker productivity can also be greatly impacted by some weather conditions, with one study showing that excessive heat and humidity can reduce productivity by up to 10%. 

Preparation Helps, but Not Always. 

Preparing for bad weather can help minimize the loss of time and money, reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries and help you make necessary adjustments to project schedules. However, planning ahead for possible weather delays and seasonal conditions is often tricky business, as adverse weather conditions can arise unexpectedly —  and very quickly — making it difficult to prepare.

While planning for and monitoring construction projects, firms can circumvent problems caused by weather with better access to weather information, including real-time weather conditions, short-term forecasts, and historical weather data. An excellent way to provide this information to project managers and other stakeholders is by using construction cameras that integrate with project management software and deliver images and video footage in real-time.

Construction cameras help firms monitor and document weather conditions on the jobsite.

The more you know, the better. Construction cameras help firms stay on top of changing weather conditions while enabling clear documentation of any conditions affecting projects and causing delays. They provide visual proof of weather causing delays with live video footage and time-lapse photography. Photos can show the site before, during and after weather events, providing justification for unforeseen delays and their impact on project costs and budgeting. 

When integrated with project management software such as Procore, Autodesk BIM and others, project managers and other stakeholders can view the jobsite right from the project management dashboard in real-time — and at all times — and make adjustments to delivery schedules and staffing. Such real-time video footage can help project managers mitigate the risk of materials being damaged by rescheduling deliveries or proactively moving equipment and materials indoors. 

Cameras also help create historical weather data and develop seasonal forecasts to use for project planning and predicting potential weather delays before the project begins. A recent study published in Construction Management and Economics showed that although weather delays can significantly extend project timelines by up to 21%, using historical climatological and weather data to plan for weather delays can mitigate the risk and reduce project delays by about 16%.

Don’t Let Bad Weather Wash Away Your Bottom Line 

Weather delays have such a major impact on schedules and budgeting, being able to observe, document and demonstrate the impact of weather at the jobsite is indispensable. Learn how Truelook cameras help you monitor and document weather conditions on the jobsite and reduce the risk and cost of weather on your jobsites.

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