5 Ways Cameras Improve Construction Project Tracking

The new year is underway, and software and technology solutions are making their way to construction jobsites in new forms. According to a recent survey by Software Advice, the adoption of software and technology to support functions such as takeoff/estimating, project management and project tracking is a major trend in the industry for 2017. Tools that automate and simplify tasks like time and inventory tracking, along with software that enables mobile access to project data, will be increasingly important for companies looking to remain competitive.

Project Tracking and Jobsite Efficiency

Effective project tracking is one aspect of project management that’s essential for staying on-track and on-budget over the course of your construction project. It enables you to maintain an audit trail to support accountability and credibility to customers and investors.

But traditional manual methods such as spreadsheets or pen and paper leave room for error and have numerous limitations. Worse yet, they don’t provide the immediate insight you need to adjust for unforeseen roadblocks that invariably come up over the course of construction.

A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words

Solutions that assist with project tracking can provide actionable insight for improving jobsite efficiency. Construction cameras are a good place to start. Capabilities such as time-lapse photography, live video streaming and security recording help foremen and project managers track projects from start to finish and deliver essential information that helps cut costs and speed project completion.

Here are five ways advanced construction cameras can improve project tracking and management:

  • Troubleshoot potential issues: Reviewing time-lapse images or live video of your project can reveal potential issues, so your crew can address them earlier, before money and time are wasted. For example, you may discover the spot you need to move equipment to next week is blocked with materials. You can arrange to move the materials before the equipment arrives, avoiding setbacks.
  • Justify schedule delays: Project delays are inevitable, but justifying them is crucial. For example, changes in weather can cause you to halt certain aspects of construction for a day or more. With time-lapse photography, you have a documented visual history to pinpoint the date and time the delay occurred, and ready justification if you need to delay other phases of your project.
  • Provide transparency: Keeping investors in the loop throughout construction helps you cut time and travel costs, and can accelerate approval processes for additional funding. Investors want to stay on top of your progress—a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Increase efficiency with mobile: Some construction camera solutions such as TrueLook enable remote access to project management via web-based backend software and a free mobile app. That means contractors, subcontractors and technicians have immediate access to project tracking data they need while at the jobsite. Having this information on their mobile devices allows for better communication and collaboration between everyone involved in the project.
  • Improve security: Security recording helps you protect your crew – and your profits – by tracking, capturing and documenting any violations. You can easily review footage of a specific event to determine what went wrong and what actions are necessary to prevent similar problems from happening again during your project.

Better Project Tracking with TrueLook

TrueLook’s complete solution lets you view your project live, anytime, and quickly share updates with your team over email. You don’t have to install software—it’s browser-based and accessible through a free app. Live camera viewing, time lapsing and security recording capabilities enable you to check in on subcontractors, deliveries and weather conditions, so you always know what’s going and can keep a close eye on your crew and their progress.

TrueLook lets you control cameras or view crisp, high-quality photos and videos remotely, on any device. It’s all in the cloud, so you’ll never run out of space for saving your media.

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