Beyond the Jobsite: Surprising Uses for Construction Cameras


Imagine you’re hosting a promotional event at a posh restaurant, and all your best customers will be there networking, eating, drinking and enjoying themselves.

Now imagine capturing the entire evening on camera from a bird’s eye view, then streaming it to your website. You could run an email campaign and send prospects to a landing page, where they would see just how well you treat your happy customers.

Better than still photos? You bet it is. And, it’s way more effective.

More companies are using live streaming and time-lapse photography to promote their businesses—vacation resorts, casinos, tradeshow venues and sports organizations, just to name a few. This type of photography is an effective marketing tool that can help differentiate you from the competition, while providing your audience real insight into what you have to offer.

This tactic is particularly effective for companies who want to give prospective customers a “feel” for a venue, event or activity. Construction cameras—which are versatile, rugged and reliable—are the perfect tool for making this happen.

Beyond Construction Project Management

Using mounted cameras on the jobsite is commonplace among construction firms. They assist with project management and security, helping to cut costs and keep workers safe and productive. Today, cameras are mounted on drones to conduct land surveys, create highly accurate 3D topography models and simplify bidding—all at a reduced cost.

But beyond the obvious applications, mounted cameras such as those used on construction sites have many non-traditional uses—some of which may surprise you. They make great, cost-effective marketing tools and enable you to capture the essence of what you’re trying to sell. No words are necessary, since a picture’s worth a thousand. You can sit back and stream, and let the footage sell your offering for you.

Here are a few great examples:

Business development: A new health club is trying to recruit members, but certain times of the day are still really slow. With a mounted webcam, they can stream footage of the two busiest hours of the day to their website, giving prospective members a glimpse of how much activity occurs in the gym at during peek times.

Resort promotion: Tourism may have dropped in some destinations due to an increasing fear of travel, high costs and other factors. But 52% of those who do travel rely on social networks when choosing a destination. What would sway you more to choose one resort over another—a still photo of actors splashing in a pool, or live streaming footage of real families playing and interacting at a resort?

Tradeshow photography: Point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras are popular among tradeshow companies as a way to zoom in and capture footage of multiple booths, without interfering with interactions on the tradeshow floor. One camera can be monitored and controlled remotely to capture video and still photos for numerous exhibitors, thereby splitting photography costs among many contributors.

Sports broadcasting: Sports venues can broadcast live images and video from some of the country’s largest sporting events, without having photographers on the ground. PTZ technology can be used to get close-ups of plays or key moments from a distance.

Marketing: Time-lapse photography creates a cool effect that catches the eye and tells a story. Marketing teams in almost any industry can use time-lapse footage to reinforce messaging or make a promotional video more visually intriguing. And live streaming is becoming a popular method among marketing departments across industries to provide a high level of interaction and transparency on corporate websites.

There are virtually endless uses for live and time-lapse video and PTZ cameras. It’s really up to your imagination.

Seeing is Believing

Whether you’re interested in using cameras for augmenting your marketing strategy, improving accountability on a project or promoting a venue or event on your website, TrueLook cameras are an excellent option. They’re easy to install, mount and use, and can be controlled remotely on any connected device. TrueLook’s interface can be embedded directly into a website to make live streaming and sharing easy.

Read more about non-traditional uses of construction cameras on at You may also be interested in reading a case study about how AMResorts used TrueLook technology to develop a Facebook community of more than 250,000 fans.

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