Building a New Construction Culture through Transparency and Trust 

Navigating construction projects can be like driving through a roundabout in gridlocked traffic on a foggy morning. As you make your way around the circle, multiple parties take their turns, in and out, battling poor visibility, and the next move isn’t always clear. 

Today’s construction managers often find themselves in uncharted territories, with surmounting pressure to seek innovative ways to combat challenges that could ultimately have a negative impact on their bottom line. Project managers are currently grappling with significant supply chain issues, project delays and skyrocketing material costs, not to mention an ongoing shortage of skilled labor. 

According to Aberdeen Group, 45% of construction companies report that a lack of visibility is a top concern. Let’s be honest: historically, the construction industry hasn’t been known for embracing transparency. With multiple key parties and stakeholders involved in every project, communication and inefficiencies are common. Fortunately, these problems are fixable – but, firms must first build a culture of transparency and trust.

Technology – The Driver of Transparency 

Technology can be used to drive transparency, allowing all parties access to project information, whenever and wherever they please. Integrating both back office management software and Construction Camera Technology solutions, allows for visibility of all parties involved in the project. These extra sharing capabilities are vital in increasing visibility for all parties involved, as well as building trust through transparency: 

  • Firms can use construction cameras to capture all aspects of the project, and easily share photos and videos with stakeholders to keep all parties up to date on what’s happening on the jobsite. This also helps to accelerate decision-making. 
  • Project managers can authorize people involved on the project with complete access to the cameras, allowing them to check the status of the project whenever and wherever they like via their PC or mobile devices. 
  • Advanced camera systems can integrate with back office management software to make accessing, reviewing and sharing visuals easy.
  • Construction cameras can capture a complete visual account of the project to assist with audits and investigations. 
  • Project managers can efficiently monitor workers, chronicle supply deliveries, document cause for delays, and glean information needed to solve issues quickly. 

In addition to enhancing transparency and visibility, remote live viewing via jobsite cameras enables project managers to monitor multiple jobs simultaneously, sans travel time or the need to be physically present throughout the project. This is especially beneficial to contractors with various projects running simultaneously and spread across different geographic areas. 

Key Benefits of Transparency

A running A-Z visual account of your construction project is an invaluable tool for all project players. Disputes no longer fall into a costly time warp with countless back and forth “he said, she said” interactions. The video and photos reveal everything – the good, bad and even the ugly, so there are no secrets and everyone can work together efficiently to problem-solve. 

A delay due to severe weather? Simply pull the video that shows the wind and rain interfering with construction. Supplies didn’t arrive until Wednesday and the owner wants to know why the project is delayed? Send the video to show when the truck finally pulled in. (You get the idea!) 

Will today’s construction companies embrace transparency moving forward? Consider the many upsides: 

  • Greater likelihood of winning bids, as transparency is a key client consideration 
  • Better decisions with access to visual account and information for collaboration
  • Increased efficiency when everyone can view information allowing quicker decisions  
  • Increased customer satisfaction fostered by improved trust 
  • Enhanced safety with the ability to view what’s happening on the jobsite at all times
  • Improved quality stemming from greater accountability 
  • Ability to attract the new generation of skilled workers who are eager to embrace technology

Given these significant benefits, implementing a culture of transparency could be the magic solution that you have been searching for! Transparency aids contractors who are looking to navigate the industry’s current challenges, while simultaneously preparing for what’s ahead. TrueLook provides a variety of advanced construction camera solutions to fit the needs of your construction project, large or small. Whether you are working on jobsites that are difficult to survey, lack power outlets, or are without internet connectivity, you can rest assured knowing that TrueLook has you covered. Schedule a free demo today or download our free buyer’s guide.

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