Constructing the Future: How the Next Generation is Shaping Industries

With 2023 just around the corner, it’s a great time to take account of the first three years of this new decade and how we can work to shape our practices for the upcoming years. It’s safe to say that the last few years have been full of rapid change, whether it be in technology, business practices, or company culture as a whole – industries across the board are faced with large scale changes in attempts to keep up with new trends, as well as culture shifts. Millennials and Gen Z now take up almost half of today’s workforce and are slated to become the majority within the next decade. While these shifts can seem daunting, change can also be an exciting new way to elevate both your workplace culture and overall brand to be one that is transformative yet exciting for the entire team.

In Spokane, Washington, industry leaders have taken the initiative to welcome young builders and elevate interest and foundational skills in construction. This September, Spokane Home Builders and Inland Northwest Chapter of Associated General Contractors of America announced a joint initiative to fund an industry-based curriculum at the high school level. Titled Frame Your Future, the pilot program aims to give students an opportunity to learn hands-on skills before graduation, while setting them up for successful starts in construction. 

The program also hopes to address a national labor shortage in the construction industry, reports Jennifer Thomas, spokeswoman for the home builders association, with “23% of contractors [to reach] retirement age within 10 years.” The construction workforce is already going through a generational shift, with even more changes and evolution coming within the next decade –  with the overall decrease in trade skill-based curriculum in high schools, global supply chain shortages, and the upcoming recession, these factors come together to call for innovation and future-thinking solutions in the industry. Construction leaders are addressing these shifts by investing in the future and putting knowledge and skills in the next generation’s hands.

With the incoming generation of new industry workers and leaders and the widespread shifts in global workplace culture, companies across all industries are transforming not only their brands, but their business practices, as well. Company culture is evolving across all industries as leaders work to ensure the productivity, safety, and overall well-being of their employees. For example, as employers listen to and utilize their teams’ feedback on how to best implement company practices and culture, a post-2020 world has seen an increase of remote and hybrid work. With more flexibility, dynamic business practices, and a feeling of trust that team needs are being heard and met, this generation of workers and thought leaders are setting up a global work culture that can sustain future change and shifts. It’s more important than ever for firms to ensure that their work culture and environments are conducive to productivity while providing worker satisfaction. 

When considering where to work and where to stay, today’s workforce prioritizes factors such as work-life balance, growth opportunities, and flexibility. TrueLook leaders understand the importance of listening to team members and working to provide the best work environment for all. Our leaders are navigating and helping shape the industry by providing the best customer experiences while prioritizing our teams’ voices. On the customer side, our construction cameras provide security with remote monitoring on jobsites, and our platform streamlines behind-the-scenes management with tools like editable time-lapse movies and global search functions. With construction firms expanding and innovating with the push for remote and hybrid work, our construction cameras also provide builders security through remote monitoring. We’re constantly innovating our tools and offerings to keep up with changing industry needs – our growing range of construction cameras means remote monitoring and elevated security on all jobsites. 

At TrueLook, we are always looking to innovate the way we connect with thought leaders, and we work to share knowledge and industry news with builders and their team. We partner with construction influencers like Kienan Koga and Brad Leavitt from AFT Construction, who are making a difference in construction by bringing the skills and knowledge to their viewers across the globe. 

As younger workers and leaders continue to join and influence the industry, construction leaders are also increasingly utilizing social media and digital marketing to revitalize and elevate their business cultures and brands. With 80% of buyers reporting that social media plays an important role in their purchasing decisions and 70% of Americans now using some form of social media, it’s no secret that this platform has taken over digital marketing in the last decade. These thought leaders aren’t just spreading the word on new innovations, technology, and knowledge – they’re also helping to usher in the next generation of construction industry leaders and builders. 

The construction industry is growing and evolving. As the new generation brings in fresh perspectives on technology and work cultures, builders and thought leaders are in turn innovating their practices and team environments. At TrueLook, we prioritize creating the best experiences for customers and teams, knowing it all starts with discussions and partnerships. Contact us to see how we can help elevate your practice, or check out our case studies for real-world applications of our values and innovation. 

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Adrianna Freeman

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