Customer Highlight: Skender’s Completion of Perspectives Charter School Athletic Field

Skender progress photos from early May, 2020 (left) and mid-June, 2020 (right).

Laurit Dide, Project Engineer at Skender, recently checked in with us and shared a little about his recent project in Chicago.

“My last project was a new athletic field for a school on the South side of the Chicago. We kicked off on March 9, and at first the Truelook camera was going to be more of a luxury than a necessity. It was nice to have the record of the time-lapse, and be able to see the live feed from our phones or computers but we did not really grasp how useful it could be until the COVID-19 pandemic hit the States.

By the end of March, when most of us were working from home, Truelook was our way to check in to the site progress every day. Our client, architect, and engineers would all log in and check on progress remotely. It was also a good marketing tool for the school as well. TrueLook is the perfect tool for any construction team to work remotely while staying connected.”

Progression of field progress.

The final project: Perspectives Charter School Athletic Field | Chicago, IL

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Allison Shaub

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