Going Modular? 5 Ways Construction Cameras Give Insight


For large, complex, multi-unit build projects, off-site modular construction can save construction firms time and money.

But project managers may be concerned about off-site partners practicing safety, being productive and staying on-schedule. Conversely, pre-fab vendors may need to prove that they followed correct procedures and justify potential production delays or mishaps.

How do both parties stay on-track? Construction cameras.

Not only do construction cameras give project managers piece of mind, they protect modular vendors and can provide video and photo documentation of off-site projects from start to finish.

Here’s a look at how construction cameras can help you keep a close eye on off-site projects to ensure a smooth and seamless integration with a larger project.

Why Off-Site Construction?

Off-site construction — planning, designing, building and transporting contained building elements at a location other than the main construction jobsite — is a way to meet tight deadlines, complete construction of modules that must be built in secure environments, or continue work despite whether conditions that would otherwise impede construction.

Repetitive interior structions can be pre-fabricated off-site, as well. For example, prefabricated closed panel walls or a factory fitted bathroom can be built off-site then transported to a job site and erected rapidly as part of a larger structure. Once complete, modules must be transported to the jobsite and integrated into construction.

The benefits are many: Shorter construction schedules, cost predictability, reduced waste, increased safety of laborers and trade equipment, and better productivity.

But there are challenges, too. Like any construction project, efficient fabrication requires adequate supervision. Pre-fab construction vendors face the same security, regulatory and productivity risks as the construction firms that hire them. And, if something goes wrong during delivery of pre-built modules, liability may be in question, requiring thorough documentation.

Cameras Bridge the Gap

Construction cameras can help vendors keep off-site construction projects on-time and on-budget. Once modules are delivered to the jobsite, construction firms can use cameras to ensure safe delivery. If there’s damage to any modules, video footage can help explain what happened, and ensure the right party is held accountable for the damage.

Off-site pre-fab vendors can use construction cameras at the off-site location for the following purposes:

  • Pre-fab project management: Time-lapse footage can reveal potential issues, helping problem-solve early and speed production.
  • Transparency: Video can be viewed remotely by general contractors, enabling vendors to keep them abreast of progress with pre-fab project status, so there are no surprises regarding delivery dates. It also eliminates the need for general contractors to travel to the off-site location for inspections and updates.
  • Security and compliance: Security recording helps you protect workers while discouraging theft or violations. If there is a violation, video footage provides evidence, and can be time-stamped to pinpoint problems and culprits, if any.
  • Documentation: Vendors can use video footage and high res photos to document processes and procedures being following consistently throughout production and delivery. In case there’s any question as to the quality of work completed, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Verification of successful delivery: The job’s not over until the prefabricated module is delivered safely to the jobsite. Cameras can be used to verify delivery, and that all required procedures were following during the loading, transportation and delivery of the modules.

Project managers at the receiving end of the deliveries can also use construction cameras to justify any grievances over deliveries. Footage can be streamed online via project management software to enable remote stakeholders to inspect and approve modules for integration into the construction project, saving time, money and travel, and speeding work completion.

TrueLook construction cameras are ideal for any construction scenario, including projects that incorporate off-site modular construction. For a more in-depth look at how construction cameras can aid in project management, read this post. Or check out a demo here.

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