How to Show Unlimited Upgrades and Finishes Through Virtual Reality

The following is a guest post by Jason Vander Griendt.

Virtual reality is the process of using a combination of optics and computing power to simulate an auditory and a visual experience that seeks to make the user believe that they are someplace else. Usually achieved by the combination of optics, head tracking and headphones, such that you can look around the virtual environment and move within it in some way.

Building developments can use virtual reality technology. It helps by enabling you to save money and time during the pre-sell stage of renovations and new developments. With the advancement in technology, virtual reality technology is used hence you no longer have to keep massive and expensive amounts of finishes in physical form to show your clients at home.

To show your building in virtual reality, first you need a propriety camera like Matterport, for converting the existing building into a 3D tour and then you scan each room of the house while turning it into a virtual environment. Upon the completion of the scanning, the virtual reality environment is instantly made available on the internet. Anyone can ‘walk through’ the home and view how it looks like using a virtual reality headset.

The virtual reality headset tricks the eyes into believing that you are standing in the room. That is because every view, either the left or right view gets stationed at a different angle. Hence the eye is tricked into believing that it is real.

The problem with this approach is that you first need to have a building to create a virtual tour. However, Render 3D Quickly helps in the field of pre-built virtual reality tours, since these pre-built tours are very cost effective when compared to buying a propriety camera like Matterport and building developments. Render 3DQuickly also allows you to pre-sell with the virtual reality upon completion of your plans.

The processes are streamlined to offer fast and reliable services, with the Render 3D Quickly team being capable of rendering your designs between two to three days. Using a smartphone, MAC, PC or tablet, you can view these 3D files. There also exists a small icon placed on the lower right side of the archive which converts the file into virtual reality. Using a smartphone and a VR headset, you can explore the building of the 3D file.

Render 3D Quickly offers free VR headsets for their clients. During the process of creating your virtual architecture files for viewing, they ship you the free VR headsets. Once the records are complete, they send you a link. You click on the link and put on your headset and start exploring your architectural models from all corners in virtual reality. You can also view the same file in non-VR format when not using the headset and also send it to someone else.

Benefits of virtual reality

  • Virtual reality in real estate enhances you to save time and money since you no longer have to build model homes anymore.
  • Virtual reality has many incredible features. One of these functions is that it allows you to change the house finishes, colors, and materials in real time, done even when the client is standing in the virtual environment. That feature is incredible to the interior designers, architects, real estate agents, builders, and developers.
  • It allows your clients to tour your developments from anywhere they are. That reduces the limitations of selling to local customers or having to fly in the investors.
  • Your customers get to see the upgrades in real time while standing in the virtual environment. That makes it easier for you to upsell the property.
  • It enhances you to build unlimited variations of models in a short time and at a small section of the cost required to create a standard show rooms or model homes.
  • The virtual reality package comes with free VR headset, complete VR Tour Experience of the whole property, unlimited 3D animation tours and unlimited 3D renderings.


Jason Vander Griendt is the mechanical design engineering expert behind Render 3D Quickly, a company specializing in three-dimensional architectural renderings and visualizations. With years of experience in the field of 3D rendering and animation, Vander Griendt has established a global reputation for the exceptional insight and expertise he has regularly provided to architects, builders, contractors, designers, homeowners, and real estate companies from all over the world. .

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