Keeping Up in a Rapidly Changing Tech Environment

It can be difficult to stay updated with the latest tech and software updates when it seems like there are new gadgets launching every day. In today’s climate of rapid technological advancement and the cultural push for productivity for individuals, teams, and organizations, it’s becoming more and more important to optimize project workflows by utilizing the right technology and software solutions. 

Labor shortages have impacted different industries across the globe. With average construction wages having risen over six percent in the last year, construction firms face the financial costs of a worker’s market where employers are finding fewer skilled workers and hiring out more to “unskilled laborers” for higher pay. Reports have shown that productivity in construction has only grown one percent over the last 20 years in comparison to other industries that are growing at three times that rate. 

How tech is helping construction firms: automation, security, and productivity

While there are positions and skills that can only be fulfilled by providing quality and fairly paid work, there is an opportunity to save on costs and save margins by optimizing effort through data-oriented technology solutions, including but not limited to: 

  • Mobile applications
  • Drones and jobsite cameras
  • Autonomous equipment
  • Digital modeling and 3D simulations 
  • Digitized collaboration and file management tools

Having the right, updated tech can be a critical step to saving on labor hours and overhead costs. Construction cameras are increasingly used on jobsites, as they help firms by increasing both communication and productivity among work teams, maintaining 24/7 surveillance, reducing unnecessary travel, and providing proof of compliance. By automating the labor-intensive role of monitoring jobsites and optimizing documentation, construction cameras help reduce human error and save on precious resources like time and labor – all factors in improving margins and setting up the foundation for improved work processes.

Construction firms have had proven success and increased productivity with updated cameras and integrated collaboration platforms. Their investments in the latest tech and software have resulted in enabled real-time visibility, enhanced stakeholder engagement, and increased protection and security. 

Data dependency doesn’t have to be intimidating

The construction industry is not immune to the onslaught of data dependency. In fact, as we automate processes and continue to increase remote work and collaboration, it is becoming more important to have an optimal data platform that is accessible across organizational teams and expertise. Optimization in labor and resources means cutting down on older processes and habits, as well as updating our software and technology to keep up in a data-dependent world.

Figuring out where your organization stands and how you store, manage, and share data is a useful step to optimizing labor and communication. With all the sitework and inputs that go on in any given week, think of all the data that your organization has to handle! Ensuring that you are all connected on an effective platform is critical to saving your team from the pains of clunky communication or, worse, missing or mismanaged data. 

TrueLook helps firms stay updated

Software solutions are the new normal across different sectors, and the engineering and construction industries have already been making the migration to data-driven project workflows and collaboration. 

At TrueLook, we not only offer the latest camera technology for secure monitoring and remote collaboration, but we also provide a comprehensive sharing platform to store and manage your team’s critical site data and information. Clients have complete visibility over remote jobsites while being able to collaborate, share, and manage data on a secure platform. With integration capabilities, clients have also been able to increase engagement and visibility through applications like Procore and Autodesk. 

How we can help

We understand that staying updated in these times can sound expensive and intimidating. Our goal is to help firms integrate the latest tech and software to optimize workflow and save on costs, while making these transitions as easy and painless as possible. 

Our construction cameras provide jobsite security and facilitate collaboration, and our tech solutions keep clients in the forefront of industry-wide best practices and optimization. Schedule a free demo today or download our free buyer’s guide to see how we can help your firm stay on the cutting edge – without the unnecessary frills and headaches. 

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