More Than a Web Cam – Why You Should Invest in Construction Cameras

Construction TimeLapse CameraBetween popular drones, video chat applications like Facetime and Skype, and commonplace web cams, one could easily assume that <insert cool new device name here> takes fantastic video and could easily suffice to capture footage from a construction site. Why would anyone need to invest in a dedicated construction camera and how are they different from typical web cams? Here are just a few reasons why you should invest in a construction camera for your project:

We designed our features around your business. No matter how great your web cam’s quality may be, its purpose is simple and one-dimensional. With TrueLook, we have considered everything you might need on your project. This includes:

  • Live HD images and video
  • Custom time-lapses
  • HD security video
  • Rugged, weather-proof construction
  • 4G LTE Connectivity
  • Overlay image compare
  • Quad-view image compare
  • Image markup
  • Virtual 360 degree views and more

If that weren’t enough, we also offer “Off-The-Grid” cameras. Though any camera will require a power supply, we understand that many client locations do not have readily available power on site. Our solar packages come with a multi-day battery backup to ensure that your cameras will function every day in any location.

Check out the full list of features at

Enhanced security. A webcam connected to a computer is an easy target for hackers. TrueLook offers privacy controls that give you full control over who can see your camera. You can create new users and restrict which features they can access. Or simply share a direct link to your camera interface that does not require login credentials. Your project can be fully private, fully public, or anything in between.

Interactive tools. In addition to email auto-updates that can be configured to communicate latest image and summary data from your camera to your team, TrueLook also offers collaboration tools that allow you to save images and notes to a hosted photo album, email an image to a colleague with a custom message, download images or share them on social media, and add mark-up to an image with drawing and text tools.

Free technical support 24/7. Given the intuitive and user-friendly nature of our cameras, we doubt you will need much support – but things happen. When you have questions, no matter the day or time, you can contact TrueLook’s highly-praised support team for quick, personable assistance for any issues you may have.

Learn more about TrueLook’s cameras by watching a Live Demo.

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