No Shortcuts, No Risk: Prioritizing Construction Jobsite Safety

Illustration of construction hat with the importance of prioritizing construction jobsite safety.

Construction is a dangerous industry. 

Although there has been a 2% decrease in jobsite fatalities from 2020 to 2021, construction remains one of the deadliest industries in the United States. OSHA lists the most common causes of injury or death on construction jobsites as falls, struck-bys, caught-in/betweens, and electrocutions – named the “Fatal Four.”

There are many reasons why construction companies might cut corners on safety. They may be under pressure to meet deadlines or complete projects under certain budgets. However, it is crucial to recognize that taking shortcuts when it comes to safety is never a wise decision. In the long term, such actions can result in further financial setbacks or, more significantly, tragic injuries or fatalities.

In 2021, the construction industry lost an estimated $150 billion due to accidents and injuries. This includes the cost of medical expenses, lost productivity, and lawsuits. The cost of cutting corners on safety can be high, both in terms of human life and financial loss.

By taking steps to improve jobsite safety, construction companies can save lives, reduce injuries, and save money. It is important to remember that safety is not an afterthought. It is a top priority that must be taken seriously.

At TrueLook, the well-being and security of our clients and their teams is our top priority. To foster a culture centered around safety within your organization, we present our top recomendations for enhancing jobsite safety:  

Tips for Improving Jobsite Safety

  • Keep the jobsite clean and organized. This will help to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Provide workers with proper training, equipment, and safety gear.
  • Create a culture of safety on the jobsite, where workers feel comfortable speaking up about safety concerns.
    • Nurturing trust within teams is crucial. It begins by fostering an environment where managers and supervisors actively welcome feedback and address concerns promptly and proactively.
  • To maintain a secure environment, ensure that jobsites are adequately illuminated and that tools and equipment are securely stored when not in use.
    • By taking these steps, you can help to deter crime and protect your property from theft or vandalism.
  • Enhance jobsite safety by leveraging technology, such as software programs and mobile apps designed to assist workers in recognizing and mitigating potential hazards.
  • Invest in added security measures, such as: construction jobsite  cameras, perimeter fencing, monitoring services as well as physical  lighting.
    • By implementing additional security measures, you can help deter potential crime and and reduce accidents by enhancing visibility on the premises.

Enhancing Jobsite Safety with Construction Cameras

Construction cameras can be a valuable tool for improving jobsite safety. They can be used to monitor jobsites 24/7, identify potential hazards, deter crime, and provide documentation in the event that an incident occurs. 

When it comes to boosting jobsite security and improving productivity, TrueLook stands out as a top-notch solution. Our cutting-edge construction cameras come equipped with a wide array of customizable features designed to cater to the unique requirements of each project.

  • Real-time monitoring:
    • Live streaming capabilities and 4G LTE modems allow managers to monitor jobsite activity from anywhere, at anytime.
    • Prompt identification and resolution of issues, minimizing delays and downtime.
  • Resource management:
    • Access to detailed footage and analytics for data-driven decisions.
    • Efficient allocation of workers and equipment, maximizing productivity.
  • Communication and collaboration:
    • Easy sharing of footage and information with external stakeholders.
    • Foster collaborative and transparent working relationships.
  • Safety and security enhancement:
    • Deter theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity on the jobsite.
    • Provide valuable evidence in case of incidents.
    • Monitor worker safety and identify potential hazards.
  • TrueLook Camera options:
    • Robotic Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras for large jobsites and capturing multiple time-lapse shots.
    • Fixed-position cameras for close-up shots or stable time-lapses.
    • Interior cameras for smaller, indoor projects. 

Safety and Security Measures Are Critical Investments

Cutting corners when it comes to safety not only puts workers at risk but can also have detrimental effects on the success of a project. Investing in safety as well as additional  security measures is not only a proactive and responsible decision, but a necessary one in order to uphold the well-being of your workers and overall project success.

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