Property Development Firms Benefit from Construction Cameras During Construction and Beyond

Property Development and Cameras

With vaccinations on the rise and infection rates lowering day by day, there finally seems to be a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel — and businesses in every sector are opening their doors. Large corporations are transitioning from fully remote work to hybrid or in-person models. In the retail sector, pent-up demand and eased restrictions means consumers will be eager to get back to shops, malls, dine-in restaurants and gyms again. This is great news for commerce and for property development firms.

As businesses and storefronts reopen, property development projects will be more common. Property owners will need to renovate and reimagine their developments to best accommodate current tenants or completely remodel vacant units to attract tenants or meet the requirements of new tenants.

Property development firms taking on multiple new development projects and restarting those that were delayed during the pandemic will be tasked with securing their jobsites, ensuring crews are productive and projects run efficiently. Construction cameras are an easy, cost-effective way to monitor property development projects from anywhere, both during construction and beyond. 

Round-the-Clock Live Viewing of Property Development Project Offers Immediate Insight

Whether you’re just breaking ground or renovating for a new tenant, conditions are always changing, and maintaining continuous visibility of your property is a top priority. Construction cameras can be mounted in strategic locations both inside and around the perimeter of a building, giving you a bird’s eye view of all activity at all times. Features such as live viewing and cloud storage provide web-based access to all footage captured by the cameras, no matter where you are. Simply log in, and you can see what’s going on at your property in real time. 

Not only can you monitor the progress of a job and important activities such as deliveries, but you can make sure construction doesn’t interfere with existing tenants. Perhaps construction crews are blocking an entrance, making it difficult for tenants and customers to park or access the building. Or maybe excess construction materials were left in the parking lot, making the building look run-down or unkempt. A quick view of the cameras will alert you of the problem, so you can take action immediately and avoid upsetting tenants — or delaying construction.

While live viewing is essential during construction, it’s also useful long after construction is complete. Say a tenant reports property damage or complains about a car being parked illegally. Having construction cameras on-site eliminates the need to travel to the development and assess the problem. 

Continuous visibility can also be greatly beneficial when monitoring traffic patterns. With any new retail installations or large office developments, traffic patterns are bound to change. By documenting the shift in traffic and recording any disturbances, you gain powerful insights that help forecast traffic patterns throughout construction and beyond.

Be Everywhere at Once

Construction firms can often have multiple operations occurring simultaneously in different locations, but project managers, owners and investors can’t be everywhere at once! Construction cameras facilitate collaboration and expedite decision-making across teams and jobsites — without the need to travel. The ability to view a jobsite in real time from anywhere in the world enables project managers to easily and cost-effectively loop owners and investors into important discussions. 

Real time viewing with construction cameras

What’s more, photos, videos and timelapses can be easily marked up and shared to enhance collaboration and eliminate confusion. With these visuals at their fingertips, everyone can work together to make informed decisions about budgets and project schedules. Time and funds that would otherwise be spent on airfare and hotels can be reallocated to investing in better materials or upgrades that will benefit the development over the long-term.

Trespassers, Beware!

Cameras provide around-the-clock security — and they deter trespassing, theft and vandalism. Throughout construction, valuable tools and materials are often left onsite and unattended for weeks at a time. Investing in construction cameras before undertaking a project can spare you the cost and delays resulting from misplaced or stolen equipment. 

Cameras provide accountability during the day and protection at night when equipment is most vulnerable. With built-in infrared sensors and intelligent security, you can rest assured that your cameras will continue to keep a watchful eye over your property, even in the absence of proper lighting. And, if an incident should occur, you have visual evidence that can be used to assist with police investigations, recover stolen property or seek financial remediation for any damage. 

When construction is complete and the crews are gone, cameras provide ongoing protection, keeping your building secure, which is an added benefit for tenants. If you’re looking to lease a vacant space, offering 24X7 surveillance via construction cameras can give you a competitive edge. In fact, you can use the videos, still images and time-lapses of your property to up-level your promotional and marketing outreach, increasing brand awareness and helping to attract tenants and investors.

Choose the Right Cameras for Your Property Development Project

Think you could benefit from installing construction cameras at your properties? Check out TrueLook’s solutions. All TrueLook construction cameras are equipped for live-viewing, time-lapse creation and intelligent security. While they’re extra durable to withstand extreme weather and temperatures, they also provide ultra high-definition images. And, solar-powered options are available for installation where a power source can’t be found.

construction camera case study

Check out this case study which describes how Brixmor Property Group benefits from using TrueLook cameras on multiple redevelopment projects across the Western U.S.

To find out which TrueLook construction cameras would best suit your commercial developments, take a look at our buyers guide.

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