Q&A with TrueLook CEO Roger Yarrow: Using Jobsite Surveillance to Enhance Security

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The construction industry has seen a sharp increase in jobsite theft over the past few years. Ongoing supply chain disruptions continue to send material prices through the roof, proving to be an even greater incentive to thieves. Today, the National Equipment Register estimates that jobsite theft costs the industry upwards of $1 billion every year.

Despite security measures such as geofencing, equipment tracking sensors, and increased lighting, construction firms are still falling victim to theft. Traditional security cameras can also be problematic, as motion sensors that trigger a police response can result in false alarms, frustrating local authorities and potentially resulting in fines. To address this critical issue, TrueLook introduced Jobsite Surveillance, a game-changing addition to its security offerings. Jobsite Surveillance protects jobsites by using monitoring professionals to verify potential threats and contacting law enforcement to stop criminals in the act. In a recent interview, TrueLook CEO Roger Yarrow provided some insight into this service and explained why it’s essential for the modern jobsite.

Q. Why did TrueLook decide to offer Jobsite Surveillance?

The industry has been plagued with theft and rising material costs, and this has made it even more difficult to keep a project on time and on budget. Additionally, project managers are busier than ever with multiple jobsites to monitor. Jobsite Surveillance is the solution; it provides an added layer of security on the jobsite and reduces the ask of the project manager.

Q. How does Jobsite Surveillance detect intruders on the jobsite?

If motion is detected in a customer’s monitored zones after hours, a clip of that motion will be sent to a trained monitoring agent for review. If the agent verifies the threat, customers will receive a call giving them the option to request emergency dispatch or dismiss the alert. If they request emergency services, the agent will contact dispatchers with a description of the threat in progress.

Q. What advantage does human verification provide?  

TrueLook has taken security to the next level by adding the human element. Our monitoring center is UL Listed and Five Diamond Certified, meaning you can trust that our monitoring agents will verify the threat and ensure proper action is taken.

Q. What does the notification process look like for customers?

If a threat is verified, the customer will receive a notification – usually within a minute. Within that notification, the customer will have the opportunity to review the threat and choose whether they would like to have emergency services dispatched or dismiss the alert. If the customer does not respond within a set amount of time, the monitoring agent will automatically contact emergency dispatchers. We put this backup process in place, as we understand that not everyone can be attached to their phones at all times. With this added protection in place, our customers don’t need to worry about missing a motion alert. 

Q. What challenges does Jobsite Surveillance solve for customers?

Jobsite Surveillance eliminates false alarms. False alarms are annoying to everyone involved – customers do not want to be alerted by an animal or when trash blows through their jobsite. With the human monitoring piece of Jobsite Surveillance, we only notify customers when there’s a real threat in progress. 

Q. How can customers learn more about Jobsite Surveillance?

We encourage all TrueLook customers to take advantage of this new optional service to increase their project security. You can get additional information and request a follow-up from our team here. 

Roger Yarrow, Chief Executive Officer headhsot

Roger Yarrow, Chief Executive Officer

Bringing over 25 years of experience in programming, computer hardware, systems administration, and web technologies from distinguished companies like IBM and Xerox, Roger enriches TrueLook with a wealth of expertise. As the CEO, Roger's role involves steering the company's strategic vision, fostering innovation, and ensuring operational excellence. As a co-founder, he is pivotal in cultivating a creative and collaborative company culture. Outside of guiding TrueLook towards success, Roger enjoys embarking on adventures with his wife and daughter, working on his mountain biking skills, and telling numerous dad jokes.

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