Sustainable Cameras for Jobsite Monitoring

Sustainable cameras to secure jobsites and reduce carbon footprints

As industries across the grid are increasingly focusing on sustainability and environmental impact, solar is an affordable, practical alternative to traditional energy sources. With solar panels now smaller, more efficient, and more affordable than ever before, they’re making way into a wide range of applications that benefit both the environment and budgets. 

When it comes to construction and monitoring, some jobsites have limited access to power and are located in remote areas. It’s often not practical to run power or a generator at jobsites but the documentation that cameras offer remains important.

TrueLook’s solar options create an all-in-one, dynamic solution. 

Sustainable cameras provide construction companies the needed monitoring solutions to keep jobsites secure – while also meeting sustainability goals and reducing carbon footprint.

Our solar panels are equipped with LED indicators showing the charging status and battery level, making monitoring your camera’s power supply easy. They also have a battery preservation mode that ensures optimal performance, even in challenging weather conditions and unique landscapes. Solar panels can power any TrueLook camera, giving you the flexibility to choose both the best camera and power option for your josbite.

TrueLook’s solar panels and solar mounting options are an all-around solution for jobsite monitoring and progressing toward sustainable energy. Completely solar-powered, TrueLook’s Solar Skid can operate for up to five days on battery backup, ideal for jobsites that are off-grid or have limited access to power. With a fifteen-foot mast and being built from weather-resistant materials, this sustainable camera mount is capable of withstanding a wide range of jobsite conditions, from inclement weather to challenging landscapes. 

Our range of camera and mounting options provides flexibility for sustainable job sites.

One of the most significant advantages of the solar skid is its adaptability. Designed with mobility in mind, the solar skid can easily be lifted using a forklift and moved to any desired location, reducing deployment time and making it easy to adjust camera placement as your jobsite evolves. The solar skid is compatible with any TrueLook camera, providing you the flexibility to choose the best option for your needs.

TrueLook’s camera solutions are dynamic and adaptable for every jobsite.

TrueLook’s mobile camera trailers are an effective, flexible option for jobsites that require monitoring over large areas. These trailers are easily relocated to the next project, making them an ideal solution for Department of Transpotation work, oil and gas companies, and other customers with multi-phase or multi-family projects. The trailers come in two mast size options, 18 or 30 feet, and are compatible with our PTZ and fixed-position cameras.

Solar is becoming increasingly popular in construction — for good reason. 

With solar solutions now more affordable and efficient than ever, they are finding their way into a wide range of applications that benefit both the environment and the bottom line. TrueLook’s solar options are just a few examples of how solar power is transforming the world of construction monitoring, making it easier and more cost-effective to keep jobsites secure, while also promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

About TrueLook

At TrueLook, we understand the need for constant innovation to reduce carbon footprints while ensuring jobsite safety and security for our customers. Our cameras and software provide construction firms a solution for working both efficiently and effectively while reducing their carbon footprint. In a global community where sustainability is a priority, we understand that these decisions are critical. Check out our blog for more construction news and insights or contact us to learn more about sustainable solutions for securing your jobsites. 

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