Working From Home With the Help of TrueLook Construction Cameras

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Spending a little more time working from home and a little less time on the jobsite? 

As many companies are making adjustments to accommodate for the impact COVID-19 has had on construction, one thing most all firms are doing is asking employees to work from home when possible. For a project manager, not being on site as much may seem like a scary request, but with the help of construction cameras, you can keep up with what’s going on on-site and not miss a beat. 

The following TrueLook Camera features, available on ALL cameras, can help you stay on track while you are working from home or away from your jobsite: 

Intelligent Security to Keep Eyes on the Job, Even When You’re Not There. 

All TrueLook cameras are automatically recording video of everything they can see 24/7. This footage is recorded in HD and saved on a 30-day loop. Recordings are indexed in easily searchable 10-minute intervals. If anything happens on the jobsite, admins can go in and download the video(s) capturing the incident. Any “fetched” or downloaded video is saved within your dashboard as part of TrueLook’s Free Forever Cloud Storage. 

In addition to always recording, TrueLook cameras are also continuously monitoring motion on the jobsite. Users can set up their preferred method of motion alerts to notify them when motion is detected on-site. This ensures that, even when a jobsite is unattended, you always know what’s happening.

Check in Anytime with Live Jobsite View

Working from home is a lot easier when you can view your project(s) anytime, on any device, from any location. All your projects are accessible from one central dashboard, making it easy to access current jobs or even reference past jobs. With live streaming, you can check in on subcontractors, deliveries, weather conditions, and more — all in real time. 

Live jobsite views are a great way to quickly share progress with your team or others. You can give full or limited camera access to clients, team members, or investors, allowing them to keep up with your project progress. 

Using the live jobsite view, you can also perform spot checks to make sure that safe workplace practices are being followed. 

Track and Share Progress with Time-Lapse Photos:

TrueLook cameras allow users to set up unlimited custom time lapses at nearly any time interval desired. These time-lapse photos are compiled to create a time-lapse video which does an excellent job illustrating jobsite progress. Videos are updated with new photos at the end of every business day (M-F). 

Using your time-lapse photos, you can select two points in time and create an Overlay Comparison to easily see how your project has progressed from one time period to the next. Click and drag a slider to control the comparison. 

Once again, utilizing your time-lapse photos, the Quad-View Comparison allows you to compare four images “side-by-side” to quickly see how your jobsite has changed by the hour, day, week, or month.

four construction site images all on the same screen

Learn more about TrueLook’s robust feature set and how you can get the most out of your construction cameras. The TrueLook team is standing by to answer your questions.

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Allison Shaub

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