5 Tips for Construction Organization In The New Year

Sleigh bells ring — are you listening? Probably not — you’re too busy getting organized to start 2018 off right.

And for busy construction firms, there’s a lot to organize. From reconciling accounting systems and project budgets, to backing up construction site data, to taking inventory of your equipment and more, you’ll have your hands full from now into January.

We’ve compiled some helpful tips for getting organized as the end of the year approaches. In many cases, video footage and photos can help. Here’s how:

1. Back it all up. The first, possibly most important thing you can do is backup and categorize all project photos and videos captured on the jobsite. There’s nothing more effective at telling a story than a photo or video, and you’ll need them on-hand for supporting evidence in various getting-organized activities. By systematically categorizing them by project, jobsite, crew or other parameters that make sense to your business, you’ll save time and energy searching for the footage you need, when you need it.

Some camera solutions, such as TrueLook, enable you to easily organize your video footage and photos into albums and add notes, helping you document projects easily. And because it’s in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about losing data.

2. Hold an end-of-year all-hands. Debrief your staff on what worked and what didn’t across key projects. Lessons learned throughout the year can provide insight into how to do things better, and the end of the year is the perfect time to involve staff in the discussion. 

Talk about each project, highlighting success and inviting feedback about how things could have been done differently to produce better outcomes. Video footage or still shots from the jobsites can serve to jog memories and prompt open discussion. This type of open forum not only yields actionable feedback, but makes employees feel valuable and essential to your firm’s success in the coming year and beyond.

3. Round out your end-of-year reporting. Those photos and videos you’ve stowed away will come in handy for providing visual support for metrics, conclusions and recommendations you present to stakeholders and/or board members. For example, if you request budget for additional equipment, a photo of workers sitting idle waiting for available equipment can help you get your request approved faster. If you have safety concerns you’d like addressed, video footage of risky situations can prove your point effectively. Or, if you went over-budget or over-time on a project, time-lapse photography can help you explain delays.

4. Assess communication shortcomings. The ability for you, your crews and stakeholders to communicate effectively will help keep projects on time and on budget — and there’s always room for improvement. Every year, new technologies emerge that simplify and improve communication and collaboration on the jobsite. If you don’t already, consider using mobile technologies to help project managers stay connected and informed while in the field. You can also loop in external stakeholders by providing remote access to project management data and reports.

5. Buy into automation for 2018. Make it a New Year’s resolution to do away with spreadsheets and to-do lists, and implement an effective project management platform. Look for software that enables you to share data and collaborate more efficiently, with built-in tools for image sharing and mark-up, mobile uploads, email updates, compare and contrast features and privacy controls. Cloud-based software eliminates risk of losing data and is accessible to any authorized user through a browser — which simplifies collaboration with remote stakeholders.

Getting organized for 2018 is a big job, but worth the effort. Find out more about how TrueLook can help you be safer, more efficient, and more profitable in the months to come.

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Adrianna Freeman

Adrianna is TrueLook’s Social Media and Content Manager. In her role, she is focused on creating and curating quality content, influencer marketing, as well as all long-form content such as e-books and blogs. She has experience delivering increased engagement, followers, and converting leads into ROI. Outside of business hours, she enjoys traveling, live music, and restoring classic cars.

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