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Complex construction sites are epicenters of activity, and often a marvel to behold. Images of the jobsite can enrich a construction firm’s marketing materials — anything from brochures, to social media posts and advertising, to websites — giving prospects and the public insight into your projects. But as construction projects are ever-changing, static images don’t always do them justice. By leveraging advanced jobsite construction cameras, you can keep things moving online with embedded jobsite videos and time-lapse videos that help your projects come alive for website visitors.

Video Makes Waves in Marketing

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According to OutBrain, 87% of online marketers use video content. A recent study found that marketers who take advantage of video grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t, and using video on a landing page on your website can increase conversions by 80% or more.

But even in our hyper-digital world, live video footage is still vastly underused as a marketing tool. Typical corporate marketing videos are staged, with careful attention to editing, text overlays and talking heads. As consumer interest and demand for authentic content increases, live and time-lapse video of your projects may be more effective. 

Video footage from jobsite construction cameras is a powerful tool for converting website visitors from prospects to clients. Not only is it more engaging to look at than static images, it conveys a sense of authenticity and allows your firm’s work to speak for itself. And, it’s cost-effective: You don’t have to hire a video crew, because you can leverage the footage already being captured by your installed camera systems.

There are two types of jobsite video you can use on your website: Live streams and time-lapse.

Live Video Footage Puts Viewers in the Middle of the Action

Live video streams bring a new dynamic to your business’s website by enabling the viewer to feel as if they’re in the middle of the action. Live streaming provides a real-time view into the work your firm is doing, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation about the end result.

Since you’re leveraging video footage already being captured by your construction cameras, the videos cost nothing to produce. Once you’ve embedded them on your website, you can also use them to engage your customers and local communities across social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube Live and others, to maximize your ROI and drive additional traffic to your site. 

Time-lapse Videos Captivate Viewers from Start to Finish

Nothing is more powerful for showcasing your firm’s capabilities than watching a construction project as it unfolds. We’ve learned to be skeptical of the legitimacy of photos, but time-lapse videos are an unquestionable alternative, delivering proof of your firm’s capabilities and the quality of your work. 

Time-lapse videos capture the slow process of a construction job and translate it into a fast-paced, engaging video that delivers instant gratification and final results in a matter of minutes. Every 10 seconds of a time-lapse video spans hundreds of individual images of progress, enabling you to showcase your company’s capabilities, step-by-step. 

Here’s a great example of how a time-lapse video can show a project from beginning to end and highlight all the complex work that went into the project.

Creating time-lapse video does not obstruct employees on the jobsite in any way. All TrueLook construction cameras with time-lapse capabilities enable you to have multiple (nearly unlimited) time-lapses running. You can easily schedule custom time-lapses and download them any time, even mid-project, and create multiple time-lapse sequences.

Keep Business in Motion

TrueLook offers the only construction cameras that include live images and streaming video, unlimited custom time-lapses and intelligent security. You can leverage TrueLook fixed, PTZ and indoor camera solutions to enhance your website with high-definition, quality live streams and time-lapse sequences that captivate your audience and demonstrate your firm’s capabilities — without breaking the bank. Learn more and view examples of our time-lapse capabilities here.  

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