TrueLook Cameras Take Five Million Pictures Every Month


The last few years have been incredibly exciting here at TrueLook. Our team has doubled in size, we’ve moved into a fun new office space, and our ideas and innovations are shaping the industry . It’s hard to believe, but our new bookings for 2016 were more than 8X what they were just 5 years ago. Our customers define our success, and we are thankful to each of them for being a part of our story!

As we kickoff into 2017, we’ve taken a look under the hood at some of our current statistics:

  • TrueLook is collecting 1.7TB of time-lapse photos per month – or about 5 million photos.
  • TrueLook captures 1200-1300 panorama images every day. The average size of a panorama is 40 megapixels.
  • TrueLook permanently stores 32TB of photos – that’s over 150 million images.
  • TrueLook has stored over 1 million unique weather records.

We look forward to 2017 – sharing new ideas, building new relationships, and seeing new projects come to life!