TrueLook Construction Webcams Add Edge Video Recording

TrueLook, a leader in construction webcam systems, has added new edge recording capabilities to its cameras. With edge recording, project managers can record full-motion HD video of the jobsite. This system can capture videos of critical incidents and events, and can help safeguard against theft when the job site is unattended.

TrueLook webcams have over 15 years of history in construction project management. The company’s software provides live images from the construction site with numerous documentation tools and time-lapse recording. Edge recording now builds upon this toolset, adding another layer of control and visual documentation. Project managers now have an all-in-one solution to archive images, time-lapses, and high definition video from their job site.

The system can record 24/7 to capture important events and decrease liability, and will store video data for up to one week. Alternatively, the camera can be set to record based upon motion detectionand the time of day. This is useful for tracking movement during non-work hours. In this mode, cameras can hold video data for around one month. When an event is triggered, the camera can even send an email to the client. A TrueLook professional configures all settings to each customer’s specifications.

This is not TrueLook’s first venture into surveillance applications. Another product, TrueSentry, includes features such as perimeter intrusion and intelligent camera analytics. “Bridging the gap between our construction webcams and security capabilities was a no-brainer,” said Roger Yarrow, Operations Manager. “Our clients already have cameras in place to document their projects – it only makes sense to provide them with the extra workplace security.”

For more information about TrueLook’s construction cameras with surveillance recording, visit https://www.truelook.com/cameras/


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Allison Shaub

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