TrueLookCams, A Global Index of Public Webcams, Adds Yearlong Time-Lapse Videos To Every Webcam

Update: We’re sad to see it go, but we’ve decided to stop maintaining TrueLookCams.com. This was certainly a fun little side project! Luckily, there are a number of other great webcam directories out there!

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TrueLookCams, an index of public webcams from around the world, now includes time-lapse videos for each webcam listed on the site. For almost a year, the website has been capturing daily images from over 9,500 webcams. These daily images have been converted into videos – one for each camera.

Visiting any webcam on the website now presents users with the option to view that camera’s historical time-lapse. TrueLookCams indexes a wide variety of webcams, so the new time-lapses can include anything from growing plants to Hawaiian skies to construction projects.

The website has also added individual user accounts. Web visitors can now sign in to the site with their own username or by connecting through Facebook. This lets users save webcams as “favorites”, view a list of recently visited webcams, and compete on the TrueLookCams leaderboard. The leaderboard displays the top users by points, which are earned by viewing and ranking webcams.

About TrueLookCams

TrueLookCams was created by TrueLook, Inc. as a freely accessible ranking system for thousands of public webcams from around the world. Nearly 10,000 webcams are indexed by location, view count, and rating. The website includes many unique features including a webcam map, user profiles, historical time-lapses, and a visitor commenting system. TrueLook specializes in professional webcam systems such as construction webcams, destination and resort webcams, and live-event webcams.

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Ken Pittman
TrueLook, Inc.

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