Why Select TrueLook’s Live Streaming Video for Construction Projects?

video stream of construction workers at jobsite

Construction managers have come to rely on TrueLook’s turnkey construction camera systems to meet the unique needs of the construction industry by effectively monitoring projects to realize time and cost savings. With our newest feature, live streaming video, your construction team will have unparalleled management of your project and the ability to make decisions quickly about the job site based on high-quality and high-resolution video.

Construction Cameras with Free Multi-cast Streaming Video

All of TrueLook’s cameras feature streaming video—at no additional cost. Multi-cast streaming video serves video content in a way that allows files to play immediately in silky smooth motion to as many viewers as your project demands. Our construction camera’s live streaming video won’t become sluggish or lose quality as you add more viewers because the video is buffered and multi-cast. This is what sets our cameras apart from the competition—if streaming video is not buffered or multi-cast, it will be quick to fail and cannot accommodate multiple viewers. Our camera systems always give the same high-quality, high-resolution experience to every viewer.

And these high-quality capabilities won’t jeopardize our camera system’s plug-and-play installation either. All of our camera systems use the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE cellular network to transmit data through their built-in modems, so you’ll never have the headaches of networking or running Ethernet cables. Once you plug our construction cameras into power, you’re in business! TrueLook users just need to log in to the web interface to view the live HD images from their construction project job sites. The streaming video can be turned on and off as needed.

Construction Cameras to Save You Money

With live streaming video standard on all of our cameras, TrueLook offers construction management an unparalleled solution for accurate oversight on a project. Our clients save money and time with our live streaming video capabilities. We would be happy to learn of your specific needs and show you how a TrueLook live streaming video camera could help you achieve your goals. We look forward to hearing from you online or please give us a call to get a free quote at 866-811-2321.

How would live streaming video change your construction project management?