Strobes and Sirens

Scare off intruders with strobes and sirens, a security solution created to help protect jobsites from theft and vandalism. This system includes a high-definition camera with night vision capabilities, flashing strobe lights, and blaring sirens to deter unwanted visitors away from your projects.

How Strobes and Sirens Work


A blue light pulses three times every 15 seconds around the clock to act as a visible deterrent.


When motion is detected, the camera’s AI triggers red and white strobes. The video is then sent to the monitoring center for investigation.


A monitoring professional triggers faster blue and white flashes, as well as the siren, and your primary contact is notified. They can then choose to request emergency services or dismiss the alert.

The regularly-blinking light on strobes and sirens makes your camera more visible to criminals, discouraging them from targeting your construction site.

Strobes and sirens are built to last in even the toughest jobsite and weather conditions. The unit is rated against impact and vandalism, plus features powder-coated steel for corrosion resistance.

This TrueLook security solution requires Jobsite Surveillance to verify motion alerts, activate the alarms, and dispatch authorities upon request. This system can help fulfill common insurance compliances that require real-time monitoring, strobes, and sirens.

Compatible Camera Models

Not sure which camera is best suited for your jobsite? Let our experts provide you with customized recommendations based on your site plan.
Fixed 4K IR
Hor. Field of View
Infrared (IR) Range

Available for Lease
1080p IR PTZ
30x Optical
Hor. Field of View
360° Pan
Infrared (IR) Range

Available for Lease

Frequently Asked Questions

Strobes and sirens can be powered with 110V or solar.

Strobes and sirens are available for lease and purchase alone or on TrueLook’s mobile camera trailers.

Strobes and sirens can help fulfill common insurance compliances that require real-time monitoring and audiovisual alarms.

TrueLook’s monitoring center is UL Listed and Five Diamond Certified, ranking it in the top 5% of monitoring centers. Our trained professionals will only alert you when a threat is verified.

Jobsite Surveillance

Professional monitoring to verify motion alerts.

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