4 Real-World Applications of TrueLook Construction Cameras

outside view of community hospital under construction
Community Hospital in Grand Junction, CO

If you run a modern jobsite, you’ve got construction cameras installed to provide surveillance and security recording. Most firms feel their jobsites aren’t safe without them, and that’s one reason the global market for connected camera technology is growing at a CAGR of 19.8% and could reach $18.6 Million by 2025

Although construction cameras have been used for surveillance and security for decades, there are numerous other uses you may not be aware of. Today’s construction camera solutions offer advanced features such as time-lapse, live streaming and remote viewing that make them perfect for a variety of applications. In other words, they’re not just for catching thieves anymore!

In this post, we’ll explore four real-world use cases of  construction cameras that illustrate the versatility of TrueLook’s construction camera solutions.

1. Reducing Materials Waste and Cost

StoneBridge Construction is a General Contractor based in Jonesboro, Arkansas with jobsites across multiple states. Project managers, operations managers and company leadership must supervise multiple projects at once. Travel is costly and sometimes not feasible; yet it’s critical to catch and fix mistakes quickly to avoid wasted time, money and resources.

To address this challenge, StoneBridge deployed TrueLook’s construction cameras, which enable project managers and other stakeholders to view distant jobsites remotely in real-time through a user-friendly app. With the cameras in place, team members travel less but still have 24/7 access to jobsite conditions and activity, which helps them identify potential problems before they become costly mistakes. 

For example, one project manager spotted an issue related to some dirt work while viewing live footage of jobsite activity remotely and he called to alert the onsite team. According to Tara Newman, StoneBridge Construction’s office manager, “Without the camera, [the issue] would have probably been a $50,000 mistake.

2. Improving Team Collaboration

Thomas Roszak Architecture (TRA), a Chicago-based architecture firm, was breaking ground on a 15-story residential building in downtown Chicago. They installed TrueLook cameras to remotely monitor jobsite conditions and activity. The cameras provided real-time information sharing between all team members — the construction manager, contractor, foreman, bank and marketing team — improving collaboration throughout the project. TRA can even set up custom time-lapses through the web-based interface. “Having real-time information for our team is a definite competitive advantage,” said Joe Vartanian, Construction Manager at TRA. 

For TRA, TrueLook’s cameras were invaluable tools for jobsite monitoring, team collaboration, project time-lapsing, and after-hours security. The firm’s marketing team even uses the time-lapse videos and camera images to show off and promote the project to the public.

3. Providing Transparency to Local Communities

Community Hospital in Grand Junction, Colorado was building a new hospital — a 140,000 square foot facility — to provide a full range of medical services to the community. Management wanted to build awareness about the project within the community by showing them the progress of construction. They used TrueLook cameras to provide a live camera view on the Community Hospital website. They also publicized the view across radio, social media and television channels. 

Over the 18 months of construction, 19,500+ people watched the live video, and awareness of the new hospital was greatly increased. Photos were also archived on the website to provide historical documentation of the project, and a time-lapse video was created so people could watch the entire project from start to finish in a few minutes.

4. Social Sharing and Marketing

AMResorts provides sales and marketing management services to more than 30 resorts in Mexico, Jamaica, Curaçao and the Dominican Republic. A key marketing initiative is developing online communities through social media channels, such as YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. Communities dedicated to AMResorts brands are as large as 250,000 fans. 

To keep customers connected with the resorts, AMResorts used TrueLook cameras as webcams, providing live views of 17 resort properties online. TrueLook’s built-in social sharing features enable viewers to share webcam images on Facebook and Twitter and via email, helping AMResorts to generate interest organically. The company also uses a weather widget on the cameras to inform people of the current weather conditions at its resorts. 

How Will You Use TrueLook Construction Cameras?

There are a plethora of uses for TrueLook construction cameras. Watch a demo to learn how other companies are using them in innovative ways, and get inspiration for your own organization.

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