Campus Renovation? Construction Cameras Reduce Cost and Risk

Schools and universities all over the country are in need of constant updates and campus renovation. In fact, 53% of U.S. public school districts report the need to update or replace multiple building systems. And a study by Tradeline of 115 colleges and universities revealed that the majority are focused on modernizing campuses, with 36% reporting they have several new projects planned for 2021-2022, and 58% reporting they have at least one major project currently in the works.

To avoid the risk of interfering with class time and the additional safety risk of students on campus, many construction projects for K-12 schools and higher-education institutions are scheduled during summer break or between semesters. As such, on top of tight public education budgets and high tax payer expectations, construction firms are under pressure to stay on schedule and ensure school campuses are cleaned up and renovated by the time students return to school. 

Construction cameras help to alleviate the stress of deadlines and tight budgets by enabling project managers to closely track and manage progress, keep work on schedule, and hold all parties and stakeholders accountable.

Demonstrate Public Funds for Campus Renovation are Being Used Wisely

Over the last three years, campus renovation construction costs are up 15%, ranging from a low of $230 per square foot in Nashville to a high of $558 in New York.  Meanwhile with many local and state governments continuing to experience a decrease in revenue, capital funding for schools was down 8.4% in fiscal year 2021 compared to 2020. In other words, budgets are shrinking, even as material costs continue to skyrocket, and the labor shortage in construction means firms must pay higher wages to attract skilled workers. 

Despite these challenges, public school districts and universities must demonstrate to tax-paying citizens that their money is being used to improve education in their communities. Construction cameras can help public and private schools and colleges, as well as school districts, keep the community updated and involved with campus renovation construction projects. 

Sharing time-lapses from construction cameras on school websites helps to generate interest and trust among tax-paying community members at large as well as parents and staff. Photos and video clips can be used in social media, and schools can even launch a live webcam on their website so students and staff can watch construction as it’s taking place. Such community inclusion goes a long way toward easing concerns over whether construction will interfere with students’ education — and provides visual evidence that public funding is being used as intended. 

Make Group Projects Simple

In addition to community inclusion, construction cameras help to encourage and enhance collaboration between various stakeholders responsible for ensuring the project is completed on time. Advanced camera systems with remote live-viewing enable design and planning teams, project managers, and school and government representatives to check in regularly, keeping everyone informed and up to date on a project’s progress. 

What’s more, marking up and sharing photos and video stills strengthens problem-solving and speeds decision-making and approvals, helping to avoid costly delays. 

Show Your Work for an “A” in Compliance

Everyone knows that any publicly-funded project requires extensive documentation for compliance purposes. Even private schools and institutions must comply with building codes and regulations for staff and student safety. Construction cameras make that simple.

With 24×7 recording, advanced camera systems provide complete visual documentation from beginning to end, and all of it’s automatically stored in the cloud for safekeeping and easy retrieval. Additionally, school district officials and project managers can all watch to ensure safety regulations are being prioritized, and that no corners are being cut along the way.

Gain Visibility into Projects Anywhere on Campus

School construction projects benefit from camera systems that can be used in a variety of environments, as many campuses, especially higher education institutions, are expansive and require visibility indoors and outdoors. For example, more than one-third of public schools have portable buildings due to capacity constraints, with 45% of these portable buildings in poor or fair condition. Campus construction projects can range from installation of HVAC systems in portable structures, laying pipe to supply water to various buildings across campus, erecting new playgrounds, to large-scale additions and whole building renovations.

With construction spread far and wide across campus, cameras are essential to providing continuous visibility and oversight. Firms may opt for solar-powered mountable cameras, wireless cameras or mobile camera trailers to provide coverage for projects on the outskirts of campus where a power source and internet connection may be unavailable. Cameras with motion sensors and infrared technology help protect not only the campus, but construction equipment and materials after work hours, when crews have left for the day, and even in the middle of the night when all the lights are out.

Mind the Jobsite — and Your Campus Renovation Budget

TrueLook cameras are a cost-effective option for schools, districts and higher education institutions that expect to have multiple construction projects take place over the course of several years or during multiple breaks. 

Because TrueLook cameras can be purchased outright, with no contracts, they can be used for current projects and stowed away for future use, with no additional cost. This helps schools and universities be prepared for future campus construction and maintenance projects. Schools on the tightest budgets enjoy long-term ROI on their camera investment, and schools with deeper pockets benefit by being able to allocate more funding to other educational programs.

School may be out — but there’s still work to do! Learn about TrueLook camera options, or watch a live installation demo.

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