Time-Lapse Videos: Bringing Construction Magic to Life

To the average passerby, a construction site might not appear much more than noise, dust, and some busy workers. It’s hard to track the day-to-day progress. Even those who know the industry can sometimes find it difficult to appreciate the gradual transformation from a plot of land to a finished structure.

We could all use a little perspective. 

Enter the time-lapse video: the construction site’s most eloquent narrator, capable of turning slow, hard work into a flashy montage of progress.

While we all know and love time-lapse videos for their ability to capture a story in a matter of minutes or even seconds, the truth is that time-lapse videos play a crucial role throughout the entirety of a construction project, from marketing to PR to internal communications. 

skyview of construction site where foundation has been laid

Why Time-Lapse Video is an Essential Tool for Managing Construction Projects

Any seasoned construction project manager knows the task of managing a construction project extends far beyond overseeing day-to-day operations and mitigating jobsite risk. Construction companies and project managers also need to manage stakeholders, impress investors and future tenants, market their projects, and engage local communities to garner their support. 

That’s where time-lapse video comes into play. 

For anyone unfamiliar with the technology, construction time-lapse videos are compilations of images taken at different points in time of a jobsite that can compress the entire process of a construction project into a short, digestible video clip.

Time-lapse videos enable project managers and marketing teams to visualize project progress. These visuals can help engage stakeholders like developers, investors, and community members by turning static reports and updates into vivid narratives. They can also highlight potential areas for improvement in building processes, helping project managers to optimize their processes over time. Time-lapse videos also offer valuable insights into the environmental impact of construction, helping architects to think through the interaction between construction activities and surrounding communities and ecosystems. 

5 Reasons Construction Time-lapse Videos Are Essential to a Successful Project

1. Documenting Change and History

Time-lapse videos make it possible to visualize change over time. These recordings can serve as historical records, documenting the transformation of different plots of land. They enable us to conceptualize changes in our environment which can be helpful for urban planning and history.

2. Education

Time-lapse videos make it possible to visualize change over time. These recordings can serve as historical records, documenting the transformation of different plots of land. They enable us to conceptualize changes in our environment which can be helpful for urban planning and history.

3. Marketing, Sales, and Client Communication

The construction industry is highly competitive! Companies must invest in marketing and communications to attract new clients and secure new projects. Time-lapse videos are invaluable when it comes to marketing and communications. They’re a useful way to demonstrate all the amazing work that goes into each construction project and can also be a valuable tool for investor presentations, helping to foster confidence and trust between the two entities. 

Time-lapse videos can also play an important role in helping manage client relationships, an essential task for construction companies and project managers. Videos can showcase progress to ease frustration among stakeholders and community members.

4. Construction Project Management and Real-Time Analysis

Project managers can use time-lapse footage to review and analyze a project’s progress. These videos can help identify areas of efficiency, while also revealing areas that may need improvement. This can be very useful during the actual construction progress as time-lapse videos can help provide real-time feedback on how a project is going. They allow you to learn and optimize as you build.

5. Engaging Local Communities

Let’s face it: it’s not uncommon for local communities to have questions and even reservations about a new construction project. Engaging the community members who live near a jobsite is important for garnering community buy-in while simultaneously generating excitement about the new build.

Time-lapse videos are a great way to not only build excitement about a project but also provide local communities with a way to experience the project as it’s in the process of being built. Companies can post weekly time-lapse updates or even use links to live construction footage on their websites so that community members can experience the jobsite. 

How do TrueLook Time-Lapse Videos Work?

Time-lapse technology has advanced a lot in recent years. Today features like automated image capturing, cloud-based storage, and editing software have streamlined the process of making time-lapse videos, enabling project managers and marketing teams to create customized videos with ease. TrueLook is proud to offer best-in-class time-lapsing features on every camera it makes. 

TrueLook’s time-lapse features are completely customizable, allowing users to schedule when and where they want time-lapse photos to be taken. Our automated system then will automatically create time-lapse videos for you that are watchable and downloadable at any time throughout the construction project’s evolution. 

Our platform also enables easy editing, allowing you to further customize your videos by changing the frames per second, speed, and music of your videos. You can even easily remove night or weekend images if you like. Worried about storing all your pictures and videos? TrueLook offers unlimited image and video storage so you can access any and all pictures whenever you like. Learn more about TrueLook’s time-lapse features.

Time-lapse videos have become an essential tool in a project manager’s tool belt, enhancing the way we perceive and present progress throughout a construction project’s lifecycle. Whether you’re looking to build a marketing campaign, impress a new client, analyze a project in real time, or simply capture the magic of turning a plot into a new structure, time-lapsing is here to help.

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