Does Your Construction Project Really Need a Camera System?

small side view of construction camera with construction site in the distance

What benefits does a construction camera system provide besides a visual deterrent for would-be thieves? How much return on investment can you expect to receive from installing one? First, we need to consider the standard features and access offered by most construction camera systems today.

Real-time project management

Monitoring and managing a construction project involves a wide range of details. A construction camera system gives foremen and project managers a visual roadmap for tracking and adjusting details throughout construction. No needless trips to the job site, simply access your system from anywhere on any mobile device.

Visual insight for investors and potential business interests

Construction camera systems give building investors instant access to project progress, saving time and travel costs and speeding up the approval process for funding. With more than one-third of the human population being visual learners, the ability to recognize progress in real-time video can be enough to excite any investor. Construction cameras can also be the final tipping point to convince prospective clients of your construction management capabilities.

Job site safety and security

OSHA increased its penalty fine amounts in 2016 for the first time in several years. Maintaining a thorough system for tracking, capturing and documenting potential violations is an excellent way to protect your crew and, ultimately, your profits. Since our construction cameras operate over a secure and encrypted connection, you control who gets access and determine if your project should be kept fully private, fully public or anywhere in between. A construction camera system also gives you detailed camera security for identifying project vandals and thieves. A few well-placed signs can also alert potential thieves of your security.

Documenting job site conditions

Is it raining? How muddy is the job site? Is your crew struggling to get heavy equipment unstuck? When is it too wet to keep building? Lost time from weather can be frustrating for any manager, which is why a construction camera system is vital for tracking incoming weather and protecting valuable equipment before the elements arrive.

Identifying potential project conflicts ahead of time

Did the space between buildings account for the roofing sections that need to be offloaded? Whose crew is parking their cars in the wrong spot? How will you get your crane to the right location? A live video stream can give contractors insight to see potential problem areas sooner rather than later.

The value of having 24/7 access to your job site is worth the investment of a construction camera system. TrueLook gives you project time-lapsing technology, real-time images and video feeds, and security recording to keep your project safe, secure and on time. With our free multicast streaming video, you and your clients can enjoy unlimited access to your job-site camera system from any device at any time. Click here to learn more about TrueLook or you can connect with a member of our TrueLook team.

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