Why Construction Cameras and Webcams are Not the Same

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“I don’t need a whole construction camera system; I’ll just set up a webcam.” As obvious as it may seem, construction cameras and webcams are not the same technology. Yes, they’re both cameras in the most basic sense, but there are several features of construction camera systems and webcams that vary in quality and ability.

Internet protocol camera

Construction cameras are internet protocol (IP) cameras, and they send encrypted data in a compressed format over the internet. They do not require a computer to be on the job site; they are standalone and are standard for surveillance in the construction industry. In contrast, webcams have to be connected to a computer to function.

Live images and video feed

Webcams rely on a local ISP to maintain their live video feed. Feeding the line to an onsite access point can cause significant instability with an ever-changing job site. It’s up to you to maintain a working feed.

Construction camera systems can be connected with LTE networks to stay online and active when weather and maintenance would disable your network feed otherwise. As an example, TrueLook cameras come with built-in 4G LTE modems connected to the nation’s largest and most reliable network.

Camera angles

Most webcams have a limited range of 180° or less. While some webcams are capable of 360° viewpoints, establishing a multi-camera feed is painstaking, unreliable and time-consuming. Construction camera systems are designed for multiple camera locations with fixed position cameras for the widest field of view.

High-quality video feeds

The feed quality of webcams is significantly better than even five years ago, but some webcam systems still do not provide the 720p or 1080p feed quality offered by construction camera systems. A webcam is designed to detect details from 2 feet away, not 200 feet and most aren’t capable of HD photos. You need a feed that takes the guesswork out of what you’re seeing. The higher the video feed quality, the less likely the chance of misinterpreting the feed.

Motion-detected recording and other powerful features

Most webcams are not designed to offer the same powerful features construction cameras do such as motion-activated and nighttime security video recording, HD time-lapsing, photo albums and more. The right construction camera system can also upload security video footage securely to the cloud for future access. Construction cameras have responsive apps that work on any screen and allow you to do many tasks directly from your phone including upload images, view and compare past images, and watch time-lapse videos.

The cost of installing construction camera systems is more affordable than ever. With the quality and scope of coverage provided by construction camera systems, it’s time to leave the webcams for the desktop. At TrueLook, we provide turnkey construction camera systems with reliable project time-lapsing technology, HD motion-activated security recording and uploading, and live job site feeds. Our complimentary multicast streaming video provides you, your crew and investors anywhere, anytime access to your jobsite camera from any device. Learn more here about TrueLook today.

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