Infrastructure and DOT Projects: 3 Ways Construction Cameras help Capitalize on New Funding

With historic passage of the infrastructure bill, there are historic investments in clean transportation and water infrastructure, universal broadband access, clean power and more. The bill will allocates in new spending on public works projects, such as:

  • Modernizing and expanding transit and rail networks 
  • Repairing and rebuilding roads and bridges
  • Building a national network of electric vehicle (EV) chargers
  • Eliminating the nation’s lead service lines and pipes
  • Connecting every American to reliable high-speed internet
  • Upgrading the country’s power infrastructure with resilient transmission lines

Working for public agencies like Departments of Transportation (DOTs), construction firms in charge of these large-scale infrastructure projects will be tasked with working quickly and efficiently to maximize public funding while meeting stringent regulations for compliance and safety. A smart way to accomplish those goals is to install construction cameras on all jobsites. Additionally, more and more DOT contracts are requiring the use of cameras as well. 

Construction Cameras Are Essential to Infrastructure Project Success

Using advanced construction camera systems, crews working on DOT projects can leverage features such as live-viewing, time-lapses, and secure cloud-based storage of footage and photos to ensure projects are progressing as planned. This helps with budgeting, scheduling and logistics to keep projects on track. Cameras also capture visual documentation of construction from start to finish, simplifying regulatory and safety audits and helping to prove compliance. 

Access to jobsite cameras over an intuitive web-based dashboard enables project managers, agency representatives and other stakeholders to check in on projects at any time and from any location. This ensures better quality and the ability to more effectively troubleshoot any potential issues that could cause project delays. These features also help to increase collaboration among all involved parties as well as accelerate decision-making and approvals. And, with centralized access to cameras across multiple jobsites, managing multiple projects is easier and requires less travel.

But DOT and other infrastructure projects have specific environmental characteristics that can sometimes make deploying cameras on the jobsite a challenge. Here are three essential ways TrueLook solves these challenges with advanced camera solutions for every type of jobsite

1. All-in-one, rugged construction

When installing cameras on a busy jobsite, the less clutter the better. TrueLook’s cameras come pre-assembled, integrated and ready to use. Plus, no expertise is required to get the camera up and running with the TrueLook app. Just power up the camera, and it will come online automatically, enabling you to capture photos and footage right away.

For outdoor projects, a form factor that’s rugged and durable is essential to withstand changes in the weather and other environmental factors that could potentially damage the camera. TrueLook’s cameras are able to withstand the elements. They also offer rugged hard cases that are watertight and crushproof, so the cameras can be stored safely between projects.

2. Solar options and wireless connectivity

DOT projects can be expansive and often take place in remote areas where a power source may not be available. Connecting a camera to a generator is expensive to operate continuously. TrueLook solves this problem by offering solar-powered camera packages with multi-day battery backup for off-the-grid operation. This ensures that the cameras will function reliably in any location.

And, since Internet connectivity isn’t always available outdoors, firms working on infrastructure projects can leverage TrueLook’s wireless cameras, which come equipped with internal 4G LTE modems. This service also provides free, unlimited data connectivity. Plug-and-play setup is easy and efficient to start accessing the camera’s high-resolution images and video immediately. 

3. Flexible mounting and form factors

Depending on the location and size of the jobsite, various camera mounting options may be needed to ensure complete coverage. TrueLook cameras are pre-assembled and come with all the hardware needed for pole, corner or roof mounts. 

Plus, TrueLook’s mobile camera trailers are a wireless solution for unique jobsite situations and DOT projects that afford no viable mounting option. The cameras are solar-powered and allow for unlimited custom time-lapse video, live streaming in HD 1080p and 24/7 Intelligent Security with motion alerts. These mobile camera trailer systems are lightweight, portable and easy to maneuver, and they’re activated and ready to use upon arrival. If multiple projects are underway simultaneously, crews can easily move the trailers between jobsites. For conducting land surveys or capturing a bird’s eye view, TrueLook’s nationwide network of qualified drone pilots can help carry out a drone mission, without any capital expense. 

You can find a full list of TrueLook features here.

Infrastructure Project – Bridge Time-lapse

Check out this TrueLook time-lapse video capture of Hunter Contracting’s 7th Street bridge project in Phoenix, Arizona.

Building Back Better — and Smarter

While the infrastructure bill represents a historic investment, the DOT and other government agencies will always be repairing, updating, renovating and reinforcing our roads, bridges, and other elements of our country’s infrastructure. With public works projects ramping up again and the potential influx of additional available funding for years to come, now is the time to prepare with the right tools and technologies for working quickly and efficiently. TrueLook construction cameras are a smart investment for any DOT project.

Check out our extensive portfolio of construction cameras today.

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