Is Your Construction Firm Equipped to Meet the Challenges of the 2021 Build Season?

Construction firms face ongoing challenges related to the pandemic in the new year, as they continue to grapple with meeting CDC regulations and collaborating effectively with remote team members and stakeholders. Meanwhile shrinking budgets and rising material costs will require firms to work smarter and more efficiently. Construction cameras can help teams navigate many of these challenges, and ensuring they’re installed on every jobsite should be part of the preconstruction process.

In a recent webinar, TrueLook’s Joe Norris provided an in-depth overview to demonstrate how construction firms can leverage TrueLook cameras and our integrated platform to prepare for the 2021 build season. Here’s a summary of what attendees learned:

What cameras work best for different jobsites:

One size doesn’t fit all, but fortunately, there are many different types of cameras you can buy, depending on your jobsite features and intended use for the cameras. Fixed position cameras offer a wide horizontal field of view, while Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras can be controlled remotely for 360-degree movement. Solar-powered cameras are best when no source of power is available, and indoor cameras are ideal for off-site, modular construction facilities. It’s important to assess your jobsite and plan where to install your cameras before deciding which type to buy, and how many. As Norris noted during the webinar, cameras can be reinstalled at other jobsites once a project finishes, which enables firms to maximize the return on their investment in the hardware.

How live viewing, time-lapses and intelligent security features increase efficiency:

During the webinar, Norris demonstrated many of TrueLook’s advanced features, including how to access and use them through the TrueLook application interface. Live viewing is particularly useful for keeping remote team members and stakeholders informed about the goings on at the Jobsite at all times, and for motivating workers to be more productive. Time lapses can be used for planning and forecasting, as well as for marketing and promotional purposes. Intelligent security features help to keep the jobsite secure while keeping a watchful eye on crews to reduce theft and ensure crews are following the rules, especially when project managers can’t be on-site. This is particularly useful for enforcing CDC guidelines, which will remain in effect well into 2021. 

How cameras help construction firms reduce costs:

TrueLook cameras provide team members with complete jobsite visibility, no matter where they are. This enables them to supervise from afar and catch or avoid costly mistakes, while eliminating the need for project managers to spend excess time and money traveling to the site. They can check on weather conditions, know if deliveries arrive on time, and alert onsite foremen of any potential issues. TrueLook cameras help reduce costs further by automatically creating complete visual documentation of everything happening at the jobsite, which is stored in the cloud for safekeeping and easy retrieval. Photos and video can be used for marketing and promotion purposes, as well, which reduces the costs of creating visual marketing content for brochures, ads, websites and more.

In addition to explaining all of these features, Norris demonstrated how easy it is to access and use them through the TrueLook interface, and shared how Harper General Contractors uses the Procore Embedded Experience to make accessing the TrueLook platform even more streamlined. “With labor and material costs rising, margins are thinner than ever, and smart construction professionals need an edge on their jobsites to run smoother and better projects,” Norris said. “TrueLook isn’t the only technology that can help, but it will be an essential tool for firms as we head into 2021.” 

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Allison Shaub, Chief Marketing Officer

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