The Benefits of Mobile Camera Trailers 

In a dynamic and ever-evolving technological world, staying ahead in the construction industry means supporting each project with the most efficient processes and solutions. Documenting progress, creating captivating marketing materials, and ensuring site security are all essential components of successful project management. 

But what if your construction site is located in a remote area — far from power sources — and poses challenges for camera placement?

At TrueLook, we consider all the different scenarios that call for construction cameras, and we develop solutions to cover each need. For remote jobsites with no external power sources or installation infrastructure, we offer mobile camera trailers as a flexible, self-sustaining solution. 

An all-in-one mounting and solar power station, TrueLook’s Mobile Camera Trailer hitches up to any truck and can be moved to get any angle on any jobsite. Our mobile surveillance offering comes with an 18-foot or 30-foot adjustable mast, providing comprehensive bird’s-eye views. When it comes to power and connectivity, project managers can rest assured due to an uninterrupted camera feed, supported by cutting-edge solar panels and a reliable battery back-up. 

Sound like your type of monitoring solution? Here’s more on how TrueLook’s Mobile Camera Trailers are transforming jobsite security and construction camera technology:

Unlimited Mobility

Construction sites can be sprawling landscapes, and capturing the perfect angle for documentation or marketing can be a challenge. As an all-in-one mounting solution, our mobile camera trailers can be easily hitched to a truck and transported to any corner of your jobsite, offering unparalleled mobility. This means you can effortlessly change the perspective of your camera, allowing for diverse and engaging shots to elevate any documentation or marketing need. 

When it comes to showcasing your work, static shots can only convey so much excitement. With mobile surveillance, you can dynamically change angles and perspectives, infusing energy and visual appeal into marketing materials.

Top Tier Camera Compatibilities

The effectiveness of any camera system hinges on the quality of the cameras themselves. TrueLook’s Mobile Camera Trailers are compatible with a variety of cameras, all suitable for your jobsite:

Fixed 4K Infrared (IR) Camera: With its Ultra High-Definition (HD) 4K resolution, a wide 108° horizontal field of view, and an infrared range of over 40 meters, this camera ensures crystal-clear images even in challenging lighting conditions.

1080p IR Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera: Boasting a 360° panoramic view, robotic Pan-Tilt-Zoom functionality with 32x optical zoom, and an IR range of up to 250 meters, this camera brings every corner of your site into focus.

4K IR PTZ Camera: Combining Ultra HD 4K resolution with 360° robotic Pan-Tilt-Zoom, 25x optical zoom, and an infrared range of up to 200 meters, this camera is a perfect blend of detail and coverage.

Available for Lease

While investing in a mobile camera trailer is a wise decision, your project’s needs might be more short-term or specific. TrueLook caters to all project needs with leasing options via flexible payment plans. Leasing provides access to all the features you would get with a purchase, including remote live viewing, customizable time-lapses, and Intelligent Security with AI-powered motion alerts.

TrueLook’s leasing package includes access to our USA support team, available around the clock to address any queries or technical issues. The offer also includes Free-Forever Media Storage, ensuring your images and videos are securely stored for future reference, even after your project concludes.

Adaptable Security Coverage

For sites with heightened security concerns, the Fixed 4K IR and 1080p IR PTZ cameras can be equipped with Jobsite Surveillance. This service combines Intelligent Motion Alerts, standard on all TrueLook Cameras, with a professional monitoring team. In the event of a legitimate security threat, a monitoring professional contacts you and provides the option to request emergency services, ensuring prompt response.

TrueLook’s Strobes and Sirens systems can also be integrated with the Fixed 4K IR and 1080p IR PTZ cameras. These systems, working in conjunction with Jobsite Surveillance, utilize bright flashing lights and booming sirens to deter intruders. The blue strobe, pulsing three times every fifteen seconds, enhances camera visibility around the clock, even when not actively deterring criminals.

Security on a construction site goes beyond deterring theft; it encompasses safeguarding your project’s integrity and adhering to safety regulations. TrueLook’s Mobile Camera Trailers embrace this comprehensive approach, serving as vigilant sentinels that protect your site around the clock.

Yet, security isn’t just about external threats. Documentation and accountability play pivotal roles in construction project management, ensuring compliance, quality control, and progress tracking. 

If a specific area of your site experiences repeated break-ins, you can easily reposition the camera to focus on that location, enhancing surveillance and deterring potential intruders.

Sustainability for a Greener Tomorrow

In an era where environmental consciousness is critical in all industries, solar power is more than just an innovation; it represents a commitment to sustainability. By harnessing solar power, TrueLook’s Mobile Camera Trailers not only overcome the challenge of remote locations, but also contribute to a greener future. As the world rallies behind renewable energy sources, integrating solar-powered cameras aligns with both ecological responsibility and technological advancement.

The demand for solar-powered solutions is on the rise. In the last 10 years, solar has seen an annual growth rate of almost 25%. With federal tax credits, declining costs, and increasing demand in the public and private sectors, nationwide solar capacity now covers 149 gigawatts (enough to light over 25 million homes!). With mobile camera trailers, you’re not only investing in superior surveillance but also taking a step toward a greener future.

Paving the Way to Success with TrueLook’s Construction Cameras

As the construction industry continues to evolve, embracing technological advancements is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. TrueLook’s Construction Cameras and platform encapsulate this leap, embodying innovation, convenience, security, and sustainability in a single package. In a construction landscape that demands versatility, agility, and holistic solutions, mobile camera trailers stand tall as the answer. Addressing industry needs for sustainability, efficiency, security, and technological advancement, these trailers offer a multi-faceted solution that resonates with the ever-evolving construction landscape. 

As you navigate the exciting world of new construction technology, our TrueLook team is excited to help you elevate your own practice. If you’re looking to invest in jobsite monitoring, but are unsure which solution is the best fit, check out our Construction Camera Buyer’s Guide or schedule a live demo with our team! 

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