Top Reasons for Construction Project Delays

construction project delays

Contractors and clients have come to accept construction delays as an inevitable reality. Whether it’s a lack of quality laborers or a muddy job site, the frustrations of lost time and money can delay a project timeline for weeks, even months. It helps to know who the main culprits are when it comes to construction delays. Here are the most likely reasons why your construction project isn’t staying on schedule.

Weather Elements

Storm clouds are no construction project’s friend. Weather is arguably the leading cause of project delays. It’s almost impossible to be productive when your entire job site is a mud pit. Weather delays can set any crew on edge with heavier boots and tangled equipment lines. Unless you’re doing interior work that’s sheltered from the weather, your timeline will be delayed with the next storm.

Labor Availability and Quality

The Associated General Contractors of America reports that 83 percent of contractors are struggling to find quality laborers. The recent U.S. recession reduced work for approximately 2 million workers. With the economy now rebounding, there is a tremendous shortage in skilled laborers. Unemployment is still high in many areas, which means that many applicants are inexperienced in construction. Studies show that inexperienced construction workers lead to more accidents, another potential contributor to construction delays.

Poor Project Management

Changes in project details can often be the outcome of poor project management. Budget restraints, poor communication with the client and inattention to details such as overlooking permit restrictions can compound project delays and bring any project to a standstill. Inefficient work can also be compounded by inattentive foremen or general contractors.

Client-End Delays

Clients want to be happy and contractors want happy clients. Client indecisiveness or worse, a client constantly changing their mind can create a domino effect of delays. If the client doesn’t take the time to review project details and ongoing progress, it can create dissatisfaction and frustration for both contractors and clients.

Availability of Building Material

Warehouse shortages and shipping complications can also cause project delays. A thorough project manager can place the right orders for the exact material needed on time, but if the material isn’t available, it can still delay the construction timeline. Verifying and securing availability before beginning construction can help avoid some delays, but shipping can also be affected by weather and other industry factors.

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