How to Track Weather Data with TrueLook

As seasons change and weather shifts, contractors and builders should remain proactive in tracking weather conditions. Weather can have a significant impact on construction project completion, as it can cause work stoppages, jobsite damage, and additional costs.  The Forbes Technology Council reports that weather-related delays affect nearly half of global construction projects every year, leading to billions of dollars lost in damage expenses. 

Another factor to consider is that inclement weather events have increased globally in the last ten years, with catastrophic effects on the economy and infrastructure. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that weather disasters have more than doubled since 1980

As weather detection and prediction continue improving, builders and contractors can combine predictions with historical weather data to plan or adjust projects. But finding the time to research, compile, and analyze weather data is often the most difficult part. 

TrueLook’s platform makes analyzing weather easy so builders can focus on the important things — like getting the project done on time and within budget. Continue reading to see how TrueLook’s weather data functionality can become an essential asset to your jobsite: 

Daily Weather Log

When logged into TrueLook, each project has a weather tab focused on that jobsite’s location. The TrueLook platform not only provides current weather conditions and forecasts, but a historical log of daily weather conditions throughout the project that can be pulled at any time. 

Current weather offers an overall snapshot of the day by showing any active weather advisories, a radar map, and an hourly forecast. There is also a breakdown of important factors for each day, such as wind speed/direction, rain chance, sunset, sunrise, and humidity. Scrolling further down provides a detailed forecast for the next 14 days.

Historical Weather Data

Switching to the historical weather tab loads a table with an overview of all historical weather data. By default, the data will display the last 30 days, however, the date range is customizable, making it easy to review anywhere from a few days to a few years. Numerous filters are also available to help narrow in on the factors that matter most to that jobsite location. These include:

  • High vs low temperature
  • Precipitation
  • Humidity
  • UV index
  • Wind speed
  • Sunrise vs sunset

The filtered data can be viewed in a table, chart, or both as a side-by-side display. There’s also an option to export this data for record-keeping or further analysis.

Valuable Weather Insights for Project Forecasting

Inevitably, weather plays an integral part in planning and managing construction projects. However, by analyzing weather patterns and trends, builders and contractors can make data-informed decisions and adjust project schedules accordingly, reducing the impact of weather-related delays on project completion. 

By implementing effective project management strategies, project managers can minimize periods of inactivity, enhance the allocation of resources, and avoid expensive rework. Implementing these measures leads to improved project performance and increased profitability overall. TrueLook’s documentation capabilities can serve as evidence to support unforeseen delays, scheduling, and delivery issues, as well as any cost impacts, even in situations where extreme weather events occur and are beyond our control.

About TrueLook

Recognizing the importance of being well-informed, TrueLook’s platform is designed to optimize accessibility to jobsite data, enabling builders to easily retrieve information and collaborate effectively with their teams and external stakeholders. To learn more about how TrueLook Construction Cameras can elevate your construction documentation, browse our many features here or contact our team for a free demo.

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