TrueLook Tips & Tricks: View Historical Weather Data within the TrueLook Application

According to Construction Management and Economics, weather delays can extend project timelines by up to 21%. But quick access to current weather forecasts, as well as historical weather data, can help mitigate the risk and impact of weather delays by 16%. 

Fortunately, TrueLook cameras help you stay on top of weather patterns throughout the course of your construction projects. Using a mesonet (a network of automated weather and environmental monitoring stations), TrueLook not only provides current weather conditions and forecasts, but also creates a historical log of daily weather conditions throughout the duration of your project. Simply log in and click on “User Data,” then view “Weather History,” and you can view a record of the temperatures and weather conditions for any given day. 

Understanding weather patterns throughout the course of your project can help you with project forecasting. And TrueLook’s clear documentation can be used to justify any unforeseen delays or scheduling and delivery issues caused by severe weather, and any potential impact to costs and budgeting. Check out more of our cool features here.