Choosing the Right Construction Camera

choosing the rigt construction camera

Monitoring multiple job sites can be difficult for even a seasoned construction company. Construction camera systems help monitor work, demonstrate progress to clients and track potential incidents through remote access. How do you know which construction camera system to choose? What features should you look for in a construction camera?

Reliable video feeds from construction cameras

If the video feed is low quality or even unreliable, then you have an expensive piece of equipment, not a functional monitoring system. Some construction cameras rely on an on-site Wi-Fi connection, which is difficult for any new job site. It’s also a well-known fact that many ISPs lose service intermittently for a variety of reasons, such as weather, maintenance and signal overload. Look for a construction camera that has a self-contained wireless connection, preferably a 4G LTE cellular modem that operates in even the most severe weather conditions.

Self-contained construction camera

The beauty of a self-contained construction camera is that all you have to do is install mounting hardware and power to activate the camera. There are no extra plugins or features to set up. A 110 AC three-prong power connector can be plugged into any standard power outlet. Some construction cameras come with solar power options in the event a job site does not have power yet.

TrueLook construction cameras come inside an enclosure that can be mounted on an existing structure. Many construction cameras are mounted on top of a vertical pole, like a crane beam or telephone pole. We design our enclosure to be as simple as possible for installation.

Video recording with construction cameras

Do you need after-hours security monitoring of your job site? A good construction camera system can give you 24/7 HD security video recording. This allows you to view security footage involving criminal activity or job-site incidents for proper documentation. Nighttime activity should be visible through infrared illumination technology for maximum security monitoring. Local street lighting, urban settings or work lights may provide proper lighting throughout the night, but infrared illumination is an extra precaution that helps capture crucial details.

Time-lapse recording is another excellent feature to consider. The mesmerizing blur of construction taking shape from excavation to opening can be a great marketing experience for both current and prospective clients to celebrate your work.

Range of motion in construction cameras

Fixed-position cameras are the standard construction camera of choice for many job sites. They often provide the highest resolution and greatest point-of-view (POV) available. Our TrueLook fixed-position cameras can provide HD video recording and dynamic pictures up to 12 megapixels in resolution.

PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) construction cameras feature robotic arms and remote controls to pan up to 360°. PTZ cameras can zoom in up to 32x with lossless quality. You do not want to purchase a PTZ camera with digital zoom, only a PTZ camera with a true optical zoom. If the image quality depreciates while zooming, it’s not a true optical zoom.

TrueLook is the only construction camera that features live job-site viewing, project time-lapsing and HD motion-activated security video recording. When it comes to buying your next construction camera, you need to start with TrueLook. Click here to learn more about TrueLook or contact our TrueLook team to start a conversation today.

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