My Top 10 Recommended Construction Industry Blogs and News Websites For 2013

These are some of the blogs and editorial sites I’ve most enjoyed over the past year. I hope you’ll give these websites a look, and in return leave me a comment with any sites I’ve missed.

In no particular order:

1. AEC Business

This is a great blog by management consultant Aarni Heiskanen. Heiskanen really knows the industry and shares from his personal experience. He is also personable and helpful, which earns him two big thumbs up from me. The blog is fairly new, so I hope he will see success and continue writing for a long time to come.

2. Construction Informer

This blog by Duane Craig also features interviews, posts by contributors, and some other resources. Blog posts are insightful and meaningful, and Craig is actively engaged in his project. Definitely worth a subscribe.

3. Engineering News-Record

A great news source, and one you have almost certainly heard of. With so many editors and so much daily content, they are a great resource for interesting and noteworthy construction news.

4. Construction Marketing Association Blog

What the world needs now is another marketing blog like I need a hole in my head. However, I actually enjoy this blog. They conduct reader survey’s and share the results, which I find very interesting. Find out which social media channels are voted most effective, for example.

5. Building Design + Construction

This blog is updated fairly regularly, and has some thought provoking posts.

6. North Carolina Construction News

Don’t be put off by the NC in the title – most of their content applies to the entire industry. The website usually covers most of the major news affecting the construction industry, and is one of my favorite news sources.

7. Construction Digital

Another great news source, covering major stories and individual projects alike. Lots of great content to be found.

8. Constructonomics

A blog from construction manager John Poole. Poole tends to be very open and frank about his experiences, both positive and negative. It can often be more thought provoking and “real” than some other blogs, which I appreciate.

9. Planting Acorns

A blog by Merrill Stewart, founder and President of commercial builder Stewart Perry. Stewart writes some very insightful content from an obviously educated and experienced point of view.

10. Modspace Blog

The official blog of the successful company ModSpace, this blog’s niche is modular building. The authors do a great job of providing quality content in their area of expertise.

Honorable Mention: Build Blog

This blog is really about architecture, but they deserve a mention as one of my favorites. The projects and ideas they share are stunningly artistic and wonderfully designed. If you are into modern architecture, check them out.

That’s it for today – so who did I miss?

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