Use a Construction Camera for Marketing

“What projects are in your portfolio and what projects are you working on right now?”

construction camera for marketing

If those questions cause you to second-guess your proposal process as a contractor, you may be in need of a construction camera for marketing. How much of a hassle is it to send a professional photographer to your job site? Can you imagine a guy with a tripod and dress shoes goose-steppin’ his way through the mud around a busy and dangerous job site? Architecture photographers usually cost between $1,000 to $3,000 per day! Between the cost and the hassle, it may be more trouble than the pictures are worth.

At the same time, you need detailed pictures to prove your construction prowess and experience to potential clients. A safer, more efficient alternative to a professional photographer is a construction camera system. Along with its on-site monitoring capabilities, the right construction camera system can produce beautiful, high-quality photos to help you secure your next contract.

HD picture capabilities of Construction Camera Systems

A high-quality construction camera system can give you an HD 720p feed. Fixed-position cameras can be placed at strategic observation points around your site for 24/7 access and image capture capabilities. The right fixed-position camera can produce a 12 megapixels quality frame at a 4k resolution or a smaller rate of 5 megapixels, still twice the resolution of a standard 1080p camera frame.

Pan-tilt zoom (PTZ) panoramic cameras can be capable of producing a 50 megapixels at a 350° angle. A user-friendly web interface can allow for robotic movement to capture the most desired camera angle. TrueLook offers PTZ camera systems with 18x optical zoom with virtual lossless quality. Whatever system you choose, the ability to get a closer look and capture project details in exceptional quality is one of the many advantages of a PTZ panoramic construction camera system.

Construction camera video feeds for project proposals

Select construction camera systems provide live video streaming capabilities to access on any device. At any time, you, your client or anyone with the feed link can access a live stream for eye-in-the-sky monitoring. Giving your client access to a live video stream means they can show off your work to their colleagues and business contacts.

Think about the potential of using a live video stream as part of your next project proposal. Your attention to detail with the power of a construction camera system can be the final determining factor compared to a competitor with still photos that won’t tell the whole story.

When it comes to construction cameras, trust TrueLook to give you the best picture for your projects. Our fixed-position and PTZ cameras come with HD motion-activated video security recording, HD time-lapsing, photo albums and much more. Our responsive web app allows you to capture and upload cameras and video recordings and compare past images with current progress. Click here to learn more about TrueLook or you can contact our TrueLook team to start a conversation today.

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